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I love burning things, including people. Looks like it's time for me to go postal !


  • (First entry)

> Woke up in Spracklingbank, in the Millett Walk Fire Station, with an axe and a radio.

Where's my goddamn beer pack ? And who tune that radio to that last emitting shitty pop music radio in town ? But hey, how the hell I get it ? These zombies gonna regret what they've done !

> During the 2 following days, spend all my AP in searching for some items and found : 2 radios (yay !), 1 axe, 2 spraycan and a flare gun.

> Went to an autor repair shop (with lights on), searched one day and found : 1 beer (woohoo !), 2 fireaxe, 1 crowbar (Hello Gordon  ! :D), 1 spraycan, 2 fuelcan, 1 radio.

> Started to fight some zombies around.

> Went to Paynterton Suburb, trying to found a decent hospital to get some FAKs to double my way of getting XP : kill'n'heal :)

> Only found ruined/ransacked hospitals, all survivors hiding in "over vsb" buildings. Slept in random buildings.

> Found in various buildings : 2 other fuelcans, 1 more radio, 1 spraycan

> Hurt various zombies. One of them didn't liked it :D So he chased and inf-killed me.

> Stand up as a zombie. Damn. - *wikiing* - So I have to get syringed to become survivor again ? ok... *wikiing* There's revive point ? Woohoo! Let's head to it dead cow style !

> Waited 1 or 2 days on the revive point, get some XP by hurting a zombie waiting here (was at 98 or something like that)

> Failed to use properly the DEM revive system.

> Got revived but not healed (even if I asked).

> Bought my first skill eva, FREE RUNNING !! "YAY CMON MALL'N'FORT ARE ALL MINE!"\o/

> Spent my 25 HP to head to the next hospital. Died. Again.

> Found Ace's revive point near Starlingtown. Their forum is one of the last on the Internet to accept "Guest" (so useful), it makes me remember the "good ol'days" back in 199X~2002. It seems so far that UD has a good community.

> Got revived and FAKed by a beautiful nurse (edit 20/11/08 : remember the Internet rules still apply). Hmm, I think I'm gonna love this place... =D

> Run to Brendan General Hospital, found 4 FAK (Yeehay wohoo !). Then I had a bad idea. You know, the one you have when everything is perfect, but you still need something more. Just like you wanted to check if you weren't dreaming, you trow the dice one more time. I went to St Alban's Hospital.

> All I found was a ruined hospital, 3 zombies and few dead bodies. Alright... Let's head back to... what the *heck* ? Funny things : I had spend most of my AP in searching (even wasted one in searching in the street *rolleye*). Luckily, I still had 3/4/5 AP, so I went backward. But found only ">VSB" buildings, zombies, etc. So I'm still running in the street right now (I refresh every half-an-hour to continue on :D), wish me good luck ! :D

Have a nice days ?


  • (second entry)

Well, days passed, brains flew in air and liquids did their slow, molecular work, while some crazy sectarian were shooting flare at a "Firefork Party".

It has been weeks since I didn't edit this report. I'll try to sum it up (ps : lol!) :

> As far as I can remember, I finally get to a VSB building, with 2 or 3 people inside.

> Of course, the following day this building was brought down by a bunch of Zeds (maximum 5), so I got dragged'n'killed. Hopefully, South Paynterton Aces did revive me extremely fast.

> Went to Payntertown, because I wanted to see if it would be interesting to join the SP Aces. Mostly at Robbins Buildings and St. Pius church, then going to Agathius/Leo General Hospital for FAKs.

> Headed to South, maybe to see what's going on near the Fort Creedy and the malls (an old' dude gonna leaves the place soon), so here I am Starlingtown !

> Had one of the best moment of my UD experience, with funny people :

At the Veryard (and Imber Square), Flower Walk FS, Snell Auto Repair, Buller Boulevard School (which I defended well against a Zeds breaking in, live combat and live barricade after I kill'n'dumped him outside, repairing the ransack :D), Rodeney Plaza Brendan Hospital or Alban's one.

The factory right here gave me my first generator, I remember putting it in an quite important RP (like an hospital) :D

> After Pitneybank was free of similar IP broda', I went to Giddings Mall (after looting few FAKs) : : to try my brand-new skillzor of shopping hunting ! Needless to say, kiddies had overbarricaded entry point, so I search the entry like a rat, finaly uncading at Beaman Boulevard School with another guy knocking at the door with a crowbar. It seems mine isn't as good as Freeman's one, doh'nuts! My last AP was spend on a spray : "DON'T OVERCADE YOU MONKEYS". Desperate Hope ?

> Of course, I got killed, so I went to RP Walrond Square, and OF COURSE, got headshot-killed 5 times by trenchcoater (see "previous status page", "right on your barhah!!" stuff :))

> After deciding to get back to Starlingtown to get revived, someone managed to needle me before I got shot (by the triple-katana 8 shotgun guy).

> Bored of all this shit, I went West,

finally went up to Boxal Road Fire Station (VSB), searched 2 times and looted nothing, so I base-jumped on the Boutcher Alley Police Department, and searched 1 AP : I open the first locker I found. Miracously this locker was Left Wide Open, and a brand-new Flak Jacket was waiting (not to mention it fit perfectly my "not-yet" body-builded body).
Then left a sympathic "Hurray ! First time searching in a PD and found a Flak Jacket. Well it seems I'm done here, bye lads ! :D" (or something like that), much to the anger jealousy of other survivors.

> Finally, I managed to get inside free-run Fortress of the malls, using the Bromley Auto Repair (who has been VSBed by very sympathic people), so I get tons of FAKs (it was few days before "the" update), so get XP and useless skills :D

> /aside : take very long time (compared to FAKs searching) to get a phone. Really. It was my last loot at the malls :D

> Well everybody knows about the update, the FAKs search rate dropped...

Btw it dropped 2 or 3 days before the update was revealed, because I suddenly had a 2/50 AP/FAK ratio, with no reason (my IP bro' was 2 suburb away). Anyway, I could no longer heal as much as I can.

> So I decided to head to Creedy Fort, or at least St Benedict Hospital (to get FAKs).

There was very fews zombies (compared to massive Fort battles). I didn't understand how Free-run system works immediately, but finally get inside. To be honest, it wasn't so cool.
People complaining about dumbs trenchmonkeys, and the Zeds incoming in few days. So I lived the Fort "rape", as nearly no-one defended it well (it's a shame that I did more than many players, even if I was a beginner).

> While at start some corner resisted, I get revived and tried to clear a little the Fort (dumping dead bodies, killing one zed (low hp).

My first entrance was funny : I lasted 2 sec on the Gatehouse, I got hurt by 2 different zeds :D I discovered too that dumping to Gatehouse cost 10 AP, not 1, cheers ! :D So I could hide only in the junkyard (well defended). But finally the Fort was left dead, so I went back to the good old' Starlingtown.

  • /!\ Important event /!\ => Here's the beginning of the MOB and FU rise to Upper Right Corner, enjoy it :)

> Dentonside, empty of any NT buildings, was a good starting base for the rush to the URC.

Starlingtown is right at the border. Need a drawing ? All important buildings were ruined in 2/3 days.
The Veryard handled nearly 50+ zeds before falling (some people fleeing to upper and west suburb, to prepare defense). The final breakdown happened at night, only 10 people managed to get out safely.

> So I went to Paynterton - right now I wasn't aware of the MOB/FU plans -.

When I arrived, most RP were ruined, very few buildings had still lights (and were all surrounded by 10+ to 20+ zeds hordes). So I went up to St. Pius's Church, got revived, help a little the survivors but died too in the 3/4 days following my arrival.

> Hi Dunningwood !

How about a nice big bowl of fresh and reviving (sic) fresh air of polluted humans factory ? Friendly faces every where, ample parking day or night, ... and meet some friends O' mine. *clung* (for those who didn't notice the south park theme, well I can't help you : NecroTech don't provide true-spirit syringes needle :D)
So, the Vetch Building is already down, nice :D So I'm heading to Horler Square. Quick revive, few people inside. Of course the NT is down quickly, so I move to Pescotside before getting eaten again.

> Now, the Zeds seems to be less powerful, groups outside TRP are tinier, there's no more the "ruins rampage" I saw the previous weeks.

I stayed 3 to 4 days in this suburb, at the the Inman Building, but finally (again that word) the MOB (with some of MOB Zeds who killed me I added in contact list were on the barricade), so I died quickly, and the suburb got ruined at an impressive speed. Rage ?

> As Zeds, I walk around to North (again, trying to help the frontline survivors, and see how things going up there).

So here I am Dulston, you're suppose to be a little "safe" as the wiki pages and status report said ; but you must agree that wiki is slower than MOB (the FU seems to finish the suburb, right behind the scout MOB teams).
So I went trought the suburb, just leaving a short glance to the Malls, "Treweeke Mall" was marked on the top of the building. 3 corners were down, nearly 200 zombies were festing there. Last corner was containing like 20 to 30 survivors, against at least 80 zeds. Hopeless dudes, sleep well children... :D
When I get to the Bridgman Building for a needle, the spray was saying "Go To Treweeke Mall for safe". Hmmm... okay, the spray is still fresh but the zeds seems to run faster in ruins than the chemical liquid flying from the can to the wall. Completely insane :D

> We're at the "northernest" suburb ? Ok, let's go to the west one at least.

4 NT buildings, 5 (!) hospitals and 3 Police Department. They got a chance, I can put my backpack here :D
Right now I'm still in this suburb, but the NT-empty Rolt Heights suburb afraid me...
First got revived at the Orome Avenue, near the 3 NT buildings (!!), the 2 hospitals + 1 FD and 3/4 factories for geny'. Some of the NT buildings fell, got rebuild, etc... It seems the Zeds horde spread on a too long zone to be a strong threat (unstoppable one !).
After few death, I got revived at the Upshall Monument, thinking the 3 NT will fall, but it seems they're Still Alive...
(edit news : checked the status report. All 3 are in zombies hands, well guarded by tons of zombies. brb ?)


  • third entry :

> St. Alban is falling right now, only 5 hurt survivors VS 17 zombies (only 1 is revivable :D), I'll try to heal survivors to slow them down.

Ho btw, 65 AP in lighted Hospital gave me 12 newspaper. Anyone know something about Origami ? I could build a shotgun or a fake survivors puppet with all these newspaper...
nb : I flap a zombie and ask him to go outside to fight in a duel like real gentlemen, but it seems this poor mind(or brain)-less person can't understand me - or he's such a frightened coward -, am I so hugly by Joves ?! --PyroPyro 10:09, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

> Found 5 FAKs suddenly, reason ? monkeys. Timesplitters devteam know it for years.

So, I went to St.Alban, healed Jackete (19 HP => 39), Fortnum Mason* (53 HP => 60), daveo goonoire (50 HP => 60).
Fortnum Mason : A jack of all trades, master of fine food.
Wearing : white contact lenses, a torn and bloodstained purple bandanna, a spiky leather collar, a torn and blood-flecked dark purple short-sleeved shirt, a tattered and blood-soaked purple tartan kilt and a scraped and blood-soaked pair of dark red boots. => so I gat' to beat them to death with their own shoes... ou alors J'viens baiser le pape... mm c'pas ma faute ! 8D
/aside : found south park theme lyrics, kenny's one, OMFGBBQ-style O_O*
What does kenny say on the intro to South Park?
It changed, depending upon the season. According to In seasons 1–2, he says "I love girls with big fat titties, I love girls with deep vaginas." From seasons 3-5 he says "I have got a 10 inch penis, use your mouth if you want to clean it." In season 6, Kenny had been written out of the show, having supposedly permanently died; in his absence, Timmy, who has a cognitive disability (early in the show Timmy was originally described as being "mentally retarded"), takes his place, singing "Timmy Timmy, Timmy Timmy, Timmy Timmy, Livin'a lie Timmy!" After returning to the show just before season 7, Kenny also returned to the theme song: From season 7 to the first half of season 10, Kenny says "Some day I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt.". Starting with the second half of Season 10, Kenny's lines changed again to "I like ******* silly bitches because I know my penis likes it.
  • fourth entry

> Helier (nearly down) and Alban (down) will be ruined in one or two days, there's tons of brain-rotted zombies (true Zombies), we're holding the fort at The Wortley, but it's getting hard. Plus Tony loop is GKing here all the time (must be a zerg) for months

> 26/11 : Earletown fell, and Chancelwood gonna fall. Did my first-zed-kill-eva on a 2 hp survivor standing outside, stealing the kill from another zed :D

Right now I'm trying to reach 2nd NT to get revive...


Skill bought (in chronological order) :

- Hand To Hand Combat,

- Diagnosis, Construction (thought it could provide XP, but meh),

- Shopping + Bargain Hunting (moving to Giddings Mall),

- Radio Operation (tons of XP due to easy FAKs),

- NecroTech Employment (diversify way of gaining XP), Lab Experience (to use syringes),

- Headshot (bored, was survivor and had 100+ XP),

- Lurching Gait + Ankle Grab (bored off getting shot at mall's RP),

- NecroNet Access (to manufacture syringes),

- First Aid + Surgery (things begin to get hard, Zeds flooding and malls were not more full of FAKs)

- after hesitating with firearms, Body Building, because it will cost ~5 more AP for a Zombie to kill me (plus I got 30 hp when revived yay ! :D)

- Tagging : was bored, had 100+ XP and firearms still sucks, not useful at all when they can 1AP Stand Up. :D sounds like trenchcoating, but it seems it can be useful when defending a building against 30+ zeds, you can sweep the zeds quickly to dump them outside, then cade with your last AP, but it's working only if people are 'cading well of course.

All I need is a match-ette and a fuel can (and two big pizzas tbh).

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