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Ive been a member of the RRF for over a year and a half. I was also a member of AU10 until August when I had to take a leave of absence from the group to help out a new strike team, however that strike team has gone south and with the untimely departure of Talunex I've stepped up to lead AU10, if you'd like to join us and can make a 6PM GMT strike time then register on and PM me. I have two alt's Zebranunpunchera PK'r andDr.Phillz0ra "survivor", both of which I keep far away from eachother as well as my main Zombie Pyromonkey

Joining Auxunit 10

Whats that you say? you can make a 5PM GMT strike time and would like to join the RRF olypmics gold medal winning strike team? Well you're in luck my friends, simply register on and send me a PM, leave me a message on my talk page here or PM me on brainstock,the AMS forums or the Crimson clan forums, I check all of them frequently.

My speech at the Quarterly Library in Roftwood

"Ok I’m not that good at giving speech's considering most of the time I only have death rattle to work with, but I’ll give this a shot anyway, first I’d like to state that with the exception of roughly a month over the summer I have been a member of the RRF since mid May of 2006.Because of this fact I have had the privilege of serving under all three of our leaders which are referred to in the RRF as “Papa’s”; Some people think it a bit odd that we have had three of these so called “Papa’s” I find that it just ment we have had three different styles of leadership and guidance.From my experience with Petrosjko it seemed to me that his method of leadership was giving orders to the leaders of the strike teams which at the time of his leadership consisted of The BARHAHville Constabulary The Night Owls, The Party Crashers, Squaredancing Squad and the GMT breakfast club. But he seemed to have more of a “Pick a suburb and destroy it” method of attack. This was a devastating method of attack which I have experience first hand as part of the BiTS tour last spring. This method of attack consisted mostly of targeting resource buildings of a suburb first and then just smashing everything else in the suburb. Our second leader and the one that I experianced the least of was Sonny. The reason for this is the time that I spent away from UD and the RRF consisted of most of his leadership, From what I saw though he was more involved in the strike teams the Petro but not as much as our Current leader patrucio. It seem’s to me that patrucio has been utilizing the strike teams more then any of the previous leaders have people use this as an argument that he merely sits in the backround pulling the strings of the RRF while contributing little to the assults. That statement could not be futher from the truth. Not only is patrucio a leader of the RRF he also is head of the strike team “The packers” and recently I saw him at the ransacking of nicholes mall in stanbury village. If any one has a question's about the RRF's leadership then I will now answer them."


Stuff I beleive/support/find neat.

Nogrammar.gif grammer sux!
this user could give a crap less about such things as speling grammer capitalation puctuation or the integrity of the english language as a hole it all sux
Mickey mouse.jpg Oh-Ho!
This user loves Zombie Mickey Mouse! Since he's the prophet of Zombie Jesus!
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, they will march on the choked heart of Malton and be slaughtered mercilessly. Death will be theirs, and with it, humiliation!
Hammer.jpg Du Nu Nu Nu...
Pyromonkey can touch this.
Hearta1.png Pyromonkey has the Heart of a Child
Tucked away in a box somewhere
Scrollwars.gif This User Plays Scroll Wars
This user or group has chosen to join the next great
browser-based MMORPG, Scroll Wars! Enter the
growing realm of DragonSpires today!
TuskenRaider.jpg Tusken Raider


Ams.jpg Acknowledged For Courageous Efforts
This user or group is acknowledged by Ackland Mall Security staff to be adversaries worthy of the highest recognition. We at AMS salute their efforts.
Emo Kid.jpg I hate Emo Kids!
This user believes we should give free razorblades to Emo Kids.
Duelling.gif Deathmatch Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Deathmatch Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries and Malls in the city of Malton are considered Deathmatch Arenas.
Fire is Pretty
This user thinks that fire is pretty.


Dontpanic.gif DON'T PANIC!
Hey, you sass that hoopy Pyromonkey? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!
Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.


SnakeisDead.jpg SNAKE IS DEAD
Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

Cheese.jpg Mmmm, cheese…
Pyromonkey really, really likes cheese.
The Ridleybank Resistance Front
RRF Wiki HomeRRF Discord Server
Department of Homeland SecurityAuxunit 10
Gore CorpsTeam AmericaThe Constables

Napoleon Dynamite 1206 Dickhole The Stupid
This user or group has entered glorious battle alongside Dickhole The Stupid (pictured at the far left), and was killed because of his stupidity. After the Battle was over, This user or group kicked Dickhole The Stupid in the nuts. Than watched as a very small zombie nerd beat him to death with his own tiny nut sack.
Gargoyle.jpg Profane Existence Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Profane Existence Policy & asserts that all Wastelands in the city of Malton are revive-free zombie zones.
Gaycowboys.jpeg Gay Cowboy
This use may or may not be a gay cowboy that eats pudding
Borat-flag.jpg Borat Approved
This user is 100% Borat Approved. High Five!
Pokypuppy.jpg Ghaharb.r! Zb.ab.! Grahb.
This zambah will eat you unless you read him/her/it a bedtime story.


Mwmicon.gif Mistakes Were Made
This User reads Mistakes Were Made


Bbticon.jpg Template Whore
This User includes as many templates as possible on his or her User Page.
I mean, come on! Tusken Raider?!?


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