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If you want to know how long I was away, here's a hint: all of my characters were well over 100% encumbrance because they had been carrying way too many shotguns from back when the limit was 50 items.

* Danil, currently hanging out in the SW corner and thinking about LFG'ing on a quest to turn New Arkham green again. ~lvMAX
* James Kinsale, closest thing I've got to a trenchcoater in the near SE section of town. He's just on a mad quest for crazy XP totals. ~lvMAX
* Nell, not far from the zombie Banks in upper NE. Recently seen defending St Matthew's Cathedral from the occasional zed horde. ~lvMAX
Suggestions Made:
* Dual Wield - Making Knives NOT suck.
* Weathering Barricades - Bringing Down the House.
* Fencing - Zombie Thieves Need Love Too!
* Wiki-Based Newspapers - Because I always wanted to write an article on your mom.
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