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User:Rachel is one of the earliest members from Urban Dead, and also has sadly died early on. Originally from the suburb Foulkes Village as a Scout, she has remained there for a long time. Not too long after she died, she rose again as a zombie, forgetting everything she had previously known during life, as her Brain was eaten out.

Shortly after she acquired the Memories of Life skill, enabling her to enter closed doors of building and not use them to destroy everything in there, but to hide herself from survivors. She, somehow, is also able to barricade the doors shut...

She was fighting for them, the survivors, and not for the zombies, but because she couldn't speak very well in human language, they wouldn't be able to tell. So all she can do is kill the zombies, using only her hands, teeth, and her trusty length of pipe she found when alive. If her brain was still in her skull she might've been able to turn it into a more effective weapon...

However, despite the fact her Brain is gone, she can still remember her memories...only after she rose as a Zombie.


- Profile

- Has a journal called Rachel's Journal

- Cause of Death: Zombie Attack

- Died: 17 times so far

- Zombie Appearance Quote: "I was in the Military, defending the people in Malton. But not for long...Now, I'm a zombie, but as it may be, I'm not what you think I am...Ugh...but instead of killing people, I kill...zombies for revenge."

- Was Wearing "a pink long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black trousers and a pair of pale blue trainers" when she died

- Joined: 2005-07-03 17:51:13

- Has no group; is a "Loner for now, finding other Life Cultists like me"

- Only weapon is a Length of Pipe

- Was revived four times so far (this is all she can recall)

- Frequently hides in Warehouses or other empty buildings to protect herself from survivors.

- Idly Jumped out of random windows, even though she was a zombie; possibly due to depression of becoming a zombie

- Fights Zombies - not Survivors

- No longer cares if she is alive or not - She's still up and around either way

- Her last name is unknown


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