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ENVY is a group run by User:Murderess. Their main alts and personal hit group are The_Cleaning_Crew_(Bounty_Hunter_group).
A list of their alts is provided below, but first, have some screenshots of systematic and official alt abuse in their group Discord!

Screenshots of Alt Abuse

Context: Looks like your alt abuse isn't invisible anymore.

Context: More alt shenanigans.

Context: Oh look, using your alts to scout instead of shoot at us. How sporting.

Context: Fun fact: this took place in ENVY discord, but their alts in "The Cleaning Crew (bounty hunters) decided do to the hitting for them, which happened within a few days: shooting 1 shooting 2 shooting 3 shooting 4
More screenshots of BHer Cleaning Crew's alt abuse can be provided on request.

Context: Murderess giving orders to POH of the bounty hunting Cleaning Crew using her alt knowledge from Annabelle Whispers, an alt she used to have in the FoD.

Context: Murderess shows off this screenshot gained by her alt: Ed accuses Nina
Looks like Suburban Ed was completely right.

This information was freely offered by a member of the Flowers of Decay, and that member was then evicted for alt knowledge abuse. The FoD does not tolerate alt abuse. ENVY could learn a thing or two from them.

Lady Clitoria Alt abuses


Context: Yes, Rake is Lady Clitoria/Yeti

Don't forget both his alts are listed as a perma-zerg by the Zerg Liste.
Meaning he lied about zerging and was caught a SECOND TIME.
And now a third time, it seems.

List of Alt Abusers, Their Alts and Their Discord Handles

Note: Only ENVY, The Cleaning Crew (bounty Hunter) and S1111 alts seem to be involved in the alt abusing ring so far. The words with "#" are their discord IDs.


Envy Alt: Discord Handle: Murderess#1871
Known alts- 1) Nina Ducks of TCC (BH)
2) jenjen88 of Squadron1111
3) Annabelle Whispers, rejected from FoD for treason
4) Robert Dick, Bounty Hunter
5) Miss Naomi


Envy Alt:
Discord Handle: Ono#0986
Known alts-1) Tom Requiem of TCC (BH)
2) Onomatopoeia, rejected from FoD for alt abuse
3) Jack Daw's of S1111
4) Leon Knight, formerly of KT


Envy Alt: Note: is ZERG LISTED (for good reason it seems)
Discord Handle: yeti#6104
Known alts- 1) Lady Clitoria, rejected from FoD for treason and alt abuse, also ZERG LISTED
2) California Yeti

Marcus Cromwell/Jesus

Envy Alt: Discord Handle: Jesus The Messiah#1102
Known alts- 1) Jesus the Messiah of TCC (BH)
2) Sabreling, rejected from FoD for alt abuse

Flash Dave/Angry Burger

Envy Alt:
Discord Handle: Flash Dave#6945
Known alts- 1) Angry Burger of TCC (BH)

Other ENVY members known to be complicit of alt abuse: - Penny Sherman#0800 - dejablue#0984 - eric#6757 - krushkrasher#4096 / krushkrasher#2167 - Tanis half elf#7550 - ShadowSpin#5737 - prettyflower456#2643 - Colin#9755 - POH#6051 Goku Black of TCC (BH)

Not an all-inclusive list, addition information is welcome!

Unrelated Photos

Nothing to do with ENVY/BH-TCC's alt abuse, just amusing.

Context: Someone calls out Murderess for narcissism, her only response is to praise herself. Um, wow.

Context: Murderess trying to vote brigade against wiki bureaucrats, which failed horrifically (Bob won with 15 votes, stelar with 8, Spiderzed, though I still love him, only got 5 votes and Aichon withdrew despite overwhelming support)

Context: Murderess doesn't like it when people talk about things other than her.

Hyper manic schizophrenia

Context: Muddress literally holds a conversation entirely with herself.

Context: Muddress literally holds a conversation entirely with herself a second time.

Seriously, no one else made any edits during these two solilquys , she literally replied to herself nine times in a row, on two separate occasions:
Muddressbecrazylog1.png Muddressbecrazylog2.png
Logs of her edits can be found here and here: first rant second rant

Can you say "cuckoo"?

Yet More Interesting Things

TCC is now a branch of ENVY apparently. Has since been changed, but I can see how it's easy for a lady who plays so loose with their alts to make such a mistake.

Further information on ENVY and Murderess's alt abuse is welcome!