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Radio Survivor

On August 31, 2008, a day of sorrow for all of Malton, Uncle Zeddie broadcast for the very last time.


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Gender: Male
Age: Entered Malton 2007-08-17
Class: Scout
Username: Jon
Used Name/ID: Known


May 2008

May was a rough time for your Uncle Zeddie, marked by numerous late broadcasts and even a few missed weeks. Think of it as a sort of forced sabbatical, thanks to the combined efforts of the green menace and the pantsless PKers.

March 2008

Thanks go out to the good folks over at M.E.R.C.Y. for their efforts to teach Uncle Zeddie the mysterious ninja fighting style know as the Way of the Needle. Uncle Zeddie spent a few weeks learning the ins and outs of reviving from some of the best in the business.

February 2008

Your Uncle Zeddie took his first steps down the road to trench-coatdom by learning the ins and outs of firearms. The good folks over at the USAI took Uncle Zeddie under their wing and taught him the basics of personal combat.

January 2008

The tail end of January saw Uncle Zeddie heading to the battle of Giddings/Moorish/Whatever to inspire the defenders to great heights of valor. With his arrival the tense situation immediately lapsed into a tedious failed siege on the part of the zombies. It is worth noting that the first time the Big Bash was halted was also the first time Uncle Zeddie stood in their way. Conincidence? I think not.

December 31, 2007

Uncle Zeddie was the guest of honor at the DEM's New Year's Eve bash at the Corfield Arms. We ate, drank and made merry for tomorrow might be dead. That describes a lot of Uncle Zeddie's tomorrows, actually.

December 20, 2007

Strata and Vandr had an early Christmas present for old Michael Corsair - hear for yourself right here. And then watch my rebuttal here.

December 8, 2007

Uncle Zeddie was seen doing embarrassing things at the Quartly Library in Roftwood for the QSG's homecoming party! Good times. Good times.

November 20, 2007

The next chapter in the Radio Survivor Story has begun. Your Uncle Zeddie has embarked on a tour of the (admittedly few) known buildings claimed as safehouses and headquarters for the use of Malton's most notorious merchants of death. It started with a visit to Club Cummings, home of the Malton Mob. Next stop was Southall Mansion, claimed by the notorious Philosophe Knights. Where will Uncle Zeddie end up next? Only time and fate will tell. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures as Malton's greatest radio pirate continues to elude the forces of darkness, while acting as a shining beacon of hope for survivors everywhere in this glorious wasteland we call home!<br.>

November 5, 2007

The mystery is solved! Unsavory elements from Red Rum, not that Red Rum has any savory elements, have 'tracked down' Uncle Zeddie by going to where he said he would be when he said he would be there. I'd like to congratulate the winner by name, but I didn't stick around to chat. All I know is that she is a member of RRF's Gore Corp. But fear not, survivors. The game isn't over, not by a long shot. The dark forces may be closing in, but as is always the case, your Uncle Zeddie is one step ahead of them. So while the mystery may be solved, the hunt is just beginning.

Recent Broadcasts

August 31, 2008: Episode 50 - Really, I Like Fish (The Big Five Oh)
August 24, 2008: Episode 49 - Keep Your Chin Up High, Real High
August 17, 2008: Episode 48 - Zombies Don't Giggle
August 10, 2008: Episode 47 - You Too Can Make A Difference
August 3, 2008: Episode 46 - The Controversial 46th Episode
July 28, 2008: Episode 45, Front Line Correspondence
July 21, 2008: Episode 44, The Safest Houses
July 14, 2008: Episode 43, Short and Sweet
July 6, 2008: Episode 42, A View From the Top
June 30, 2008: Episode 41, The Request Hour
June 23, 2008: Episode 40, The Triumphant (if Belated) Return
Jun 9, 2008: Episode 39, Keep Malton Beautiful
June 2, 2008: Episode 38, The Dramamine Special
May 19: Episode 37, Conspiracy Day
May 12, 2008: Episode 36, Mother's Day
May 4, 2008: Episode 35, Special Guest Stars
April 27, 2008: Episode 34, The Great Outdoors
April 20, 2008: Episode 33, Tanned, Rested and Ready
April 6, 2006: Episode 32, A Salute to Fallen Foes
March 31, 2008: Episode 31, Darth Zeddie
March 24, 2008: Episode 30, Oh, The Pain
March 17, 2008: Episode 29, Keep Hope Alive, Keep Me Alive!
March 10, 2008: Episode 28, Investment Advice for the Apocalypse
March 3, 2008: Episode 27, Ramblin' Man
February 27, 2008: A Note From the Producer: I Am A Shameless Whore
February 23, 2008: Episode 26, In With the New
February 17, 2008: Episode 25, Out With the Old
February 10, 2008: Episode 24, Radio Server..Surv...Survivor
February 3, 2008: Episode 23, Mea Culpa
January 27, 2008: Episode 22, Viva La Giddings! Viva!
January 20, 2008: Episode 21, The Big One
January 18, 2008: Special Pitneybank Episode
January 13, 2008: Episode 20, It's Good to be a Survivor
January 6, 2008: Episode 19, We Are Rollin'
December 31, 2007: Episode 18, To The New Year
December 24, 2007: Episode 17, Merry Christmas
December 17, 2007: Episode 16, This Joint is Jumping
December 10, 2007: Episode 15, Mistakes Were Made
December 3, 2007: Episode 14, The Show Must Go On
November 26, 2007: Episode 13, Grist for the Rumor Mill
November 19, 2007: Episode 12, Taking One for the Team
November 12, 2007: Episode 11, Sour Grapes
November 10, 2007: A Note From The Producer
November 5, 2007: Episode 10, The Noose Tightens
November 4, 2007: Episode 9, Daylight Savings
October 28, 2007: Episode 8, The Halloween Show
October 21, 2007: Episode 7, Technical Details
October 14, 2007: Episode 6, October Surprise
October 7, 2007: Episode 5, A Storm On the Horizon
September 30, 2007: Episode 4, Survivors and Zombies, Together
September 23, 2007: Episode 3, An Apology
September 16, 2007: Episode 2, Those Guys
September 9, 2007: Episode 1, An Introduction
September 2, 2007: Another Trailer
August 27, 2007: Teaser Trailer


Radio Survivor is a pirate radio show broadcast weekly from somewhere within the confines of the Malton Quarantine Zone. The host, Uncle Zeddie, is a regular guy ducking through the ruins of Malton. Like any self respecting survivor, he loots malls, avoids zombies, and doesn't respect serial killers. Word of his broadcasts is spread through in game radio broadcasts, but the actual broadcasts themselves can be seen at Radio Survivor.

The Challenge

Uncle Zeddie is the better known alias of Michael Corsair, the pro-survivor radio pirate. When he first began his broadcasts he jealously guarded his real identity out of a justifiable sense of paranoia. But he often let clip clues as to his real identity and the hunt was on. Checkered deerstalker caps and pipes were common sites around Malton until the day he fell victim to his own hubris.

On Halloween he was spotted at the zoo by friends. On November 5 a group of well coordinated enemies spotted him in Ridleybank, but he slipped away at the last minute. And then, on November 9, he was killed by a random wandering monster. Now he's just another high profile target for Malton's killers, murderers, and death cultists. If you spot him running and hiding, stop and say hi. FAKs or bullets - it's your choice.

The Winners

If you find and kill Uncle Zeddie you earn the right to put this template on your user page:
Killed - Template.jpg

So far, the following murderous degenerates have earned that right:

Duke D'oeuvre
Lacking Merit
Alasdair Crowley
William McAfee
Alexa Sama
Box Car Eddy
Stupid Pubbie
13 13
tania cinque
the Greaseman
Gene Johnson

Good luck and happy hunting!

The tiny URL for this page is, if any heroic survivors want to spread the word. (Hint, hint.)