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Playing around with this rounded box thing.

Rounded Box Thing

TRP Table

Developed an alternative TRPs table for the New Arkham suburb page.

Building Type Name X,Y Status Last Update
Auto Repair Hinkes 6,95 EH 2007.04.03
Lawrence 6,94 EH 2007.04.03
Factory none
Hospital St Timothy's 9,97 open 2007.04.03
Zephyrinus 3,91 open 2007.04.03
Mall none
Necrotech Denty 7,99 open 2007.04.03
Harford 8,99 open 2007.04.03
Mitchener 1,95 open 2007.04.03
Wreford 5,98 open 2007.04.03
Police Department none
Status Guide: open, S, Lo, Li, QS, VS, H, VH, EH; cade level (powered) cade level (sacked)
Delete status info if not updated within the last week.
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