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If the Dead rising from their weary graves isn't a Revolution of Everyday Life, then I don't know what is....



Raoul Vanegiem is a member of the Zone Defenders - Pledged to defend the Survivor Security Zone and its citizens from all manner of slavering cerebellum-slurping depravity.


Who Is Raoul Vanegiem?

I am.

Yeah. Cute. I meant the real one.

Oh. Well, as he once said... "Human existence is realized simultaneously on two parallel planes, that of temporality, becoming, illusion, and that of eternity, substance, reality." In the nineteenth century the brutal divorce of these two planes demonstrated that power would have done better to have maintained reality in a mist of divine transcendence" Does that help?

Not Really. Summarise.

Ok. Raoul Vaneigem is a writer, philosopher and social critic born in Belgium in 1934. He was a leading member of the Situationiste Internationale, the leftist/anarchist political movement that achieved notoriety during the 1968 Paris student uprising. Apparently he is/was a keen supporter of Chelsea Football Club. There's more about him on wikipedia. [1]

Are you a Supporter of Chelsea football club?

Certainly not.

Hmm. So... you're a touch pretentious, aren't you?

Yes. Yes I am.

Hang on a minute. Raoul VaneIGEM? Your user name is Raoul VaneGIEM.

Yup. I can't spell. Pretentious and woeful at spelling. It's not looking good, eh?

Well, that was informative. Anything else?

How about this, from Vaneigem's Essay, Basic Banalities:

"The prehistoric food-gathering age was succeeded by the hunting age during which clans formed and strove to increase their chances of survival. Hunting grounds and reserves were staked out from which outsiders were absolutely excluded since the welfare of the whole clan depended on its maintaining its territory. As a result, the freedom gained by settling down more comfortably in the natural environment, and by more effective protection against its rigors, engendered its own negation outside the boundaries laid down by the clan and forced the group to moderate its customary rules in organizing its relations with excluded and threatening groups.

From the moment it appeared, socially constituted economic survival implied the existence of boundaries, restrictions, conflicting rights. It should never be forgotten that until now both history and our own nature have developed in accordance with the movement of privative appropriation: the seizing of control by a class, group, caste or individual of a general power over socioeconomic survival whose form remains complex -- from ownership of land, territory, factories or capital, all the way to the "pure" exercise of power over people (hierarchy). Beyond the struggle against regimes whose vision of paradise is a cybernetic welfare state lies the necessity of a still vaster struggle against a fundamental and initially natural state of things, in the development of which capitalism plays only an incidental, transitory role; a state of things which will only disappear when the last traces of hierarchical power disappear -- along with the "swine of humanity;' of course."

There you go... Social anthropology in a nutshell. Throw in a few zombies and it's almost as if he's describing Malton. Mind blowing.

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The Text Reproduced here is available free of charge and without copyright at [2]

Please, check it out. Enlightening. For serious.

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