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Ray Starr: pissing off moderators since July 6 2006!

Journal:Ray Starr


Kills: Unknown (In the hundreds.)

Deaths: 5 Human deaths

PKers: RE Birkins [1] Sky Shot [2]

Ray Starr

Ray Starr was born on December 3rd 1976 in the suburb of Mornington and has lived there all his life. His best friend in school was Aranel Telemnar until he left for West Becktown. At the age of ten his mother left the family and moved to New York, this left Ray devastated, middle school was a blur, he was very depressed about his mother and didnt make many friends. Instead he shot beer cans with a .22 pistol that his father had bought him. This is when Ray first started showing intrest in the army.

He dropped out of High School at the age of seventeen saying that he wasnt learning anyhting. This is when he fell into drug use and heavy drinking. He worked as a constrution worker until he was old enough to join the army at the age of eighteen. Ray trained briefly with the marines for one and a half months, but was court martialed when it was discovered he was drinking heavily and using drugs. Ray then got back into construction, and continued using drugs.

When he was twenty-five his dad died leaving him grief stricken, he quit his job and moved into his dad's house, using his dads money to keep living. Ray, being confined to his new home, has since run out of liqour and drugs. He was unsucessful in finding any liquor or drugs. It's the ultimate cold turkey so Ray has stopped his bad habbits.

Ray Starr is with the group Olney Militia and is defending North Blythville

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