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Play Dead

An Overview

Play Dead is a trans-mortal tactic for assembling, protecting and launching human strike teams with near maximum A.P. A natural, if aggressive, evolution of the suicide-revive and D.I.R.T.N.A.P, it also takes advantage of the near-untouchable dirtnapping state. Requiring a modicum of real-time communication and pre-meditated coordination, survivors organise themselves into two teams: a strike team and a revive/FAK team. In the first part of the tactic, strike team members window-dive from a tall building, immediately standing back up again and moving to stand outside the target. A revive team follow soon after, quickly and efficiently contact list reviving members of the strike team, who then dirtnap outside the target until the strike time, 'playing dead'... A dirtnapping strike team then lies in wait, for maximum AP and the most opportune moment to strike, only 1AP from the inside of the target. When the order to 'roll over' is given, all members of the strike team rise at the same time, and are either given hit and run First Aid by returning members of the revive/FAK team, or can heal themselves for 3AP. They then attack the target, with near maximum AP.

Benefits of the post-revivification dirtnap

For a start, other than throwing your body outside, you can't be touched. You are safe from harm for an indefinite period of time. As such, you need not worry about waking up dead, nor pouring essential A.P. into barricades, revives, healing and movement. You are in control of when you stand up and act. You can monitor zombie movement within your field of view, in real time. You can hear the Feeding Groans of zombies if you are dirtnapping within range, and can track which buildings have been breached, and usually when. Unless you are contact listed, you are anonymous. Your character profile will show you as alive (it must be added that most profile bots found on IRC channels will detect the dirtnapping state). Best yet, when you do rise, you can be only 1AP from the inside of the building you wish to assault.

Player/meta requirements

(to be completed)

Executing 'Play Dead' practically

(to be completed)

Working fallen allies into 'Play Dead'

A common problem when assembling a human strike team in a red suburb is that many of your allies may have been killed in their sleep. Often sufficiently supplied and ready to strike, they find themselves zombified and thus unable to join in the assault. Even if they do get revived in time, more often than not they stand up only to die again after as the safety of the suburb disintegrates. Play Dead has a simple and effective solution: integrate your dirtnapping strike-team rally point into your revive efforts. Encourage your fallen allies to use the outside of your target as a revive point, and then ask them to dirtnap with your strike team until its time. Embedding players prepared to suicide revive into your dirtnapping strike team can work wonders, both for reviving fallen allies in the build-up, and last-minute revives immediately the strike, when every 10AP selflessly spent unlocks upto 50AP, which can then be used for the benefit of the assault (or more revives).

'Playing Dead' to gather intelligence

(to be completed)

'Playing Dead' for PKers/death cultists

A potentially wasteful, but elaborate and intriguing variation of 'Play Dead', relevant to very particular circumstances, sees PKers/death cultists able to embed themselves in dark buildings and not be seen. They can then spy, unnoticed, on the transient inhabitants of the dark building (who are often other PKers/death cultists) and potentially launch ambushes with near maximum AP. Say, for example, you wish to keep an eye on a dark building you know to be a popular hiding spot for Malton's less desirable inhabitants, but you don't wish anyone to know you are there for the duration of your espionage (at least until the lights are on), this is how you can do it:

  1. You team up with a friend and go to the (ideally lit and empty) bank/cinema/club you wish to 'Play Dead' inside.
  2. Your friend will need a spare syringe and the relevant skills, a knife or axe to finish off a damaged generator, and possibly a fresh generator and fuel to drop for if the target is already dark, although this is a waste and should be avoided.
  3. You will need an infection, to die easier, although your friend can also kill you, and a generator and fuel if you wish to ambush at a later time, in addition to the usual guns and ammo.
  4. If you have an infection, use up actions and health points until you die. If you don't have an infection, get your friend to kill you. Then stand up again.
  5. As a zombie, put four successful hits into the generator. Your friend will finish the generator destruction soon.
  6. Get your friend to revive you. Do not get him to dump you. Do not stand up.
  7. Get your friend to finish the destruction of the generator and leave.
  8. Lie there and 'Play Dead', in the positive post-revivification dirt-nap, with most of the benefits outlined earlier, with the additional bonus of being invisible to anyone inside the building whilst it is dark.

You can now log-in and monitor the situation and inhabitants of the dark building, in real time, invisible to those inside, able to rise and strike at any time. So long the building stays dark (which is usually in the interests of the kind of people who resort to sleeping in such states), you are unseen for an indefinite period of time. If, for example, someone you wish to target enters and sleeps in your dark building, you can rise, drop a generator and fuel, kill them, dump them, and potentially even repeat the whole process again. Alternatively, you can expand this concept to install allies 'Playing Dead' in an array of dark buildings, and monitor whole areas, or embed multiple players in a single building.

This is a tactic that has little value for those seeking absolute AP efficiency or those unwilling to go to such co-ordinated lengths. It is, however, an interesting and elaborate concept for those wanting to do things that little bit differently...

Offering applications, acknowledging limitations

'Play Dead' is not going to 'win' the game for survivors, nor is it intended to. Best applied to the reclamation of key resource building in red suburbs or dealing with more persistent zombie groups (such as Noise Abatement Societies), it has sufficient advantages from traditional strike team preparation to be a worthwhile proposition to survivor meta-groups looking for an edge. However, assembling human strike teams isn't really the issue with the survivor game at the moment, but holding buildings. This tactic offers no help there.

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