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Culinary work at its finest.
n. a muffin created from the anus.

Assmuffin (or S'muffin) is a gentle way of stating that a group, player or wiki page is utter shite.

Example Usage

  • Did you see the amount of assmuffinry coming from Corn last month?
  • The Assmuffin Army is heading toward Shearbank
  • Crit 2. Its a total assmuffin. Delete.


Cheese said:
Watch out, those chips ain't chocolate. If you get my meaning.
Revenant said:
General hilarity.
Cheese said:
This is art
Axe Hack said:
Vapor said:
All we are saying, is give Assmuffin a chance
Sexualharrison said:
what's not to like?

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