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Fr Pyrus is a doctor based in Chudleyton. Sometimes available in one of its hospitals. Or, all too often, a frustrated zombie clawing at the barricades of a hospital that he dimly recalls prevented him from getting off the streets to relative safety...


Day Zero

Fr Pyrus was based in St Luke's Hospital in Chudleyton at the time of the "Incident".

October 2007

Frustrated at what he considered the over barricading of hospitals in this suburb, Fr Pyrus vowed to take over one of these hospitals and run it as he sees fit.

November 2007

Fr Pyrus starts spending more time in St Cuthbert General Hospital, which at least allows survivors in most of the time.

December 2007

Early December

Realising that looting, a normally reprehensible practice, was now essential for getting the medical supplies needed to save lives, Fr Pyrus started making regular runs between Chudleyton's hospitals and Caiger Mall. This worked well at first. Recently, though, Fr Pyrus found that he would not make it back to the hospitals before finding wounded survivors in need of aid, but did not fully appreciate the extent to which this indicated an increase in the zombie presence in the suburb... until too late.

By this time, however, Fr Pyrus found that death did not need to slow one down, and so he simply sighed (although it sounded like any other groan) and started searching for active revival sites in nearby suburbs. He presumed those in Chudleyton would have long queues for quite a while to come...


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