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Here are the draft versions of Suggestions Richard HG has made.

Humourous Suggestions

These suggestions were posted in the Humorous Suggestions page.


Bananas can be found in Malls. When eaten by a survivor they are healed 1 HP and a new item - a Banana Skin - is added to their inventory.
Clicking on the Banana Skin generates the message "Throw this at a target by attacking with it as a weapon" and wastes 1 AP.
Attacking with a banana skin has an 80% chance to hit. It does no damage, but the next time the victim tries to move they fall down, with the message "You slip on a banana peel and fall down. You hear distant laughter." They are not dead, nor damaged, but they do need to spend the usual AP to stand up again. Until they have fallen and stood up again, being hit by more banana skins causes no additional effects.
Custard pies are another matter... --Richardhg 02:21, 14 November 2007 (UTC)

The Ultimate Weapon

Everyone seems to want bigger and better weapons, so lets just give it to them.
To make it fair, lets have three types:

  1. The Maggot Bomb

 This bomb splatters live maggots over the whole suburb.
 Zombies get covered with maggots that then consume their dead flesh. Since they can't even pick up a gun, the zombies will be unable to get them off and will lose 1 HP with every AP spent. Permanently.
 Survivors also get covered maggots. The maggots won't hurt them, but they lose 10 AP from both their immediate reaction (throwing up) and from cleaning up afterwards.

  2. The Belch Bomb

 This is really just a Zombie with a gas problem. By emitting a super-belch, the entire suburb is filled with poisonous gas that does no harm to Zombies but kills all Survivors. So there.

  3. The Atomic Bomb

 Everyone just rolls up new characters. Isn't that cool? --Richardhg 10:59, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

Killer Candy from Outer Space!

Remember all of that stale candy that was suddenly available on Halloween? Where did it come from? It wasn't there last year, and Malton's been cut off all this time...
    It's ALIENS I tell you! ALIENS!!!
  Any Zombie that ate one becomes a Candy-Infested Zombie. Any survivor who ate one will die of poisoning a few days (~200 AP) later and become a Candy-Infested Zombie.
  A Candy-Infested Zombie cannot be revived. Over the next few days (~300 AP), the candy, which is really an alien organism (I warned you!) will multiply inside its dead flesh and be ready to burst. At this point the zombie becomes a Zombie Pinata!
  Any damage dealt to a Zombie Pinata causes it to burst and die (although when it next stands up it will be a normal zombie again) spilling 10 more pieces of the stale candy in its current location.
  Oddly enough, the next 10 searches in that area will automatically result in finding a piece of stale candy, and if eaten, the nightmare will start all over again! --Richardhg 04:00, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

Atomic Zombie

The zombie becomes radioactive, doing an additional 1 HP radiation damage to all attacks. However, if the zombie ever occupies the same block as another zombie with this skill, critical mass is reached and they explode. And die. Everyone else in the suburb suffers 20 HP damage. In addition, pieces of each zombie are flung into the surrounding suburbs, eight in all, and when the zombie stands up it suffers an additional 1 AP cost to all actions for every missing piece. Also, the benefits of the radioactivity are lost until all pieces are recovered. Missing pieces can be recovered by travelling to each suburb and picking up and reattaching each piece (50% search chance). Mind you, if there is another Atomic Zombie in that suburb when the last piece is obtained, they will explode again... --Richardhg 11:06, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

Variant: Chain Exploding Atomic Zombie
  As for the Atomic Zombie above, but if a piece of an exploding Atomic Zombie enters a suburb with another Atomic Zombie, it too explodes, and if any of its pieces enter a suburb with yet another Atomic Zombie... --Richardhg 03:39, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

Variant: Popcorn Zombie
  As for the Chain Exploding Atomic Zombie above, but the radiation has the side effect of making the Zombie popcorn-flavoured. --Richardhg 03:39, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

Variant: Buttered Popcorn Zombie
  Because what's popcorn without butter? --Richardhg 03:39, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

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