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Note: User:Riktar/The Judges Nine

Description and Information

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Usually Judgewood [16, 11], a cemetery.
Grr! Pack of losers camping my revive point. If you are looking for a revive, please avoid this spot. Trying to find some place farther south.
Currently(as of 01:59, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)) Bargery Square [17, 15].

Group Affiliation

Status:  Currently unaffiliated with any zulu, survivor or player killer groups.
Notice:  No longer valid.

Broadcast:  The Law Has Arrived.

Status:  Seeking the Righteous and the Abiding to help restore Order to Malton.

The Order of Nine

Order of Judge-Knights, Executors, Templars and Imperial Justices.
  • Protection
  • Humility
  • Sacrifice
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