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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown.
Affiliation: Infected Swarm
Current Status: Eating your brains.
Current Sightings: Recruiting throughout Malton
Favorite Equipment: Claws and the occasional pistol as you well know.
Kills: 85
Pk'd: 15
Level: 40
Catch-Phrase: ... barhah?
UD Profile

"You like it thats why you’re looking."
ZombieJesus.jpg Bra!z Zambah G-zaz!
This user supports Zombie Jesus in all his glory.
Grab mah banana Barhah! Amen!
Gant2.jpg Didn't we make ourselves clear?
Remember kids: Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, YOU ARE DEAD


Rjkk was once your average geeky (yet completely awesome) college student, but when the Outbreak came he was transformed into a mindless killing machine. Now that he is part of the Infected Swarm nothing will stand in the way of his hunger. The Sheep (survivors) of Malton have good reason to fear this one and his allies.

Recent Conquests

Personally finished off the only survivor remaining in Treweeke Mall!

Rolled with the Second Big Bash for almost a month, killing harmanz, taking down 'cades, and ruining a few buildings.

Game Links

Suburb Map Here is a map of Malton

Infected Space Here's our Myspace page.

Urban Dead Mall Get your game wear.

Infected forum Come talk to us.


-Goddess.jpg Hel's Daughters

-ZombieDDT.jpg Dulston Destruction Tour

-LUE.png LUE


Dawn dead.gif Infected Swarm
This user is a member of the Infected Swarm

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