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[Warning: Pointless ego boosting]

Welcome to the Wiki page of quite possibly the classiest person playing Urban Dead (There are contestants to my classiness, such as Karloth Vois and The Bluefish).

Ok, i'm really not that famous outside of my group, but a guy has to have self confidence, right?

[Warning: The page below is full of stuff that you may not care about, and might regret reading]

Joined: 2006-01-10
Character class: Firefighter
Favorite equipment: Fencing Foil/Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: DRRP
Character stats: Tons of kills, Slightly less revives, More deaths than should be possible
Journal: No journal for Bigdaddy2


"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

"The threat is real, but so am I."

"Live life as if tomorrow were your last day, because in Malton, chances are that it is."


"If you don't have any class, you'd might as well be a peasant."


Bigdaddy2 recently adopted everyone in the city in an unforeseen turn of events.


Living in Danversbank, cleaning up these ruffians with my trusty fencing foil.

Alternative: The classiest zombie in Danversbank

Who am I?

Robthearch1 is just my formal account name. My character name is bigdaddy2, but I have some other characters I don't use.

Currently a proud member of the DRRP, stationed in the southwest sector, but often found in Scarletwood for some odd reason.

Where can you find me?

Danversbank... Just Danversbank. I change specific buildings almost every day though, so just stick around, you might hear me chastising people about random revives. And giving out pointers on how to be classy.

Chances are you will find me in a warehouse with only 1 access point. It is cut off from everything except for a small, out of the way free running lane.

What exactly do I do?

I am a bounty hunter in my spare time [<-- please note that I said spare time. I have only actually collected like... 4 bounties.], but I try to make my finishing move something more than just a gunshot or a fire axe. I usually punch people out, or use a fencing foil. More of the foil, as bruised hands are hardly classy at all.


I enjoy long walks on the beach in the moonlight, playing with my Wii, and stabbing zombies with my (t)rusty fencing foil.


PKers, GKers, Griefers, Combat Revivers, Random Revivers, and people who revive any of the above. (Except people who revive Combat/Random revivers, they probably don't know that the people they revive do that, even if they DNA extract [which all revivers should])


GTcrush.jpg Gina Semple
This user strongly believes that Gina Semple deserves a medal.
.whereswaldo.jpg Where is he?
This user still can't find Waldo.
GPS System.jpg You’re drunk AGAIN?
Bigdaddy2 is the designated driver of the DRRP.
Toolbox small.jpg Why so heavy?
This user doesn't understand how 16% encumbrance translates in to 2 damage.

Swiss flag.jpg Safehouse Supporter
This user or group supports Vantar's Safehouse and respects its neutrality!
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
Bigdaddy2 is an ally of the DEM
NoCombatRevive.jpg No Combat Revives!
This user hates when survivors waste AP by Combat Reviving

Goodhidingplace.jpg SEARCH THE BOX
This user knows Dr. Wolf is in that box!
RonBurgundyTemplate.jpg I'm Ron Burgundy?
This user isn't sure if he claims to be Ron Burgundy.
Zzzzzhandshake.jpg Warm Welcome
This user or group supports the warn welcome policy, and believes that pkers should be proven hostile before being killed.
Confederate flag.jpg The South Will Rise Again!]]
This User or Groups fights to make the Southern Suburbs RISE again!
Escape glyph.png Escape
On June 1, we're going to break out of Malton. What will they do, shoot us?


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