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Well, this is the story of my adventures through Malton thus far. I'm not sure who will ever read this, but maybe someone will and then I'll know I didn't write it in vain. So if you do take a glance at it, let me know.

Anywho, it all started out when I just started playing the game. I read about a few big battles on the Wiki, namely the Caiger Mall struggles. Since I had actually spawned somewhere around the Yagoton area, I decided to look at this Caiger Mall myself. It wasn't a very fun place. I got a few people from another online text game, Dark Age of Wythia (where I'm a well known General and proficient fighter) to join this one and we were planning on meeting up. Little did I know this would eventually lead me into the now legendary battle of Blackmore. I was one of the first people in there, and the battle is still raging as I type this. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon unless drug outside by the zombies.

As you can see there's more to my story but I have to go now, so I'll type more up later. If you're reading this and it's still in this unfinished state, check back from time to time! It's a decent story from one of the original defenders at Blackmore.

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