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Name: Rocky Ford
Age: 39
Place of birth: Denver CO
Occupation: Civil Engineer
First Licensed: 2002
Current Status: Alive
Current Level: 41
Group: Section 13
Character Details: Profile

Rocky joined the military, after his father said he lacked direction. In the army he became a combat engineer, which he enjoyed immensely. He was assigned to A company of the 52nd Engineer Battalion. After active duty he stayed on in the reserves, assigned to C Company, while attending college.

In school he studied civil engineering, at which he excelled. He completed his degree, attained his military commission and eventually achieved licensure in his home state. He has stayed on in the reserves as he enjoyed being a “weekend warrior”.

Then the quarantine came to Malton. Rocky's unit was mobilized and entered Malton to assist.

After the slaughter of his unit at the hands of the Zeds, Rocky wandered the city helping where he could. He encountered the best and worst humanity had to offer during this time. Fearing all was lost and nearing the end of his rope; he met, Jack 13, a member of Section 13. He associated himself with this tribe and found himself invigorated.

I don't fear death in UD, it's just a brief transitional phase.

I have been PKed so many times it just doesn't bother me anymore. When it happens, it's just another name on the black list. If I stumble across them, I'll fill them with holes.

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I flow into the void.
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Rocky Ford is my main character, but I also run two alts in Malton. I also have two characters in Borehamwood.

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