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Just a man trying to do a job

Roger was a relatively new member of the Malton Fire Department prior to the events which lead to the eventual quarantine of Malton from the rest of the outside world. Those first few weeks of the outbreak were chaotic and like many, Roger struggled to stay alive while trying his best to support the community he pledged to serve. After the initial shock the powers that be, at least what was left of them, regrouped and reorganized themselves in order to combat the undead menace that now ruled to streets of Malton.

The carnage resulting from the first wave of the infestation left the command ranks of the MFD decimated and in a shambles. A call went out to those willing to step up and take charge of a rapidly deteriorating city. Roger accepted the call and received the rank of Lieutenant and appointment as CO of Mockridge Heights in the barren 3rd district of Southwest Malton. Soon after this appointment massive waves of undead pored through the South West leaving death and destruction in their wake. Roger rallied the tired and beleaguered personnel of the Southwest in a valiant defense of the Flooks and Culling NT structures in neighboring Brooksville. DEM personnel struggled along side local civilian groups but ultimately, after days of intense and fierce fighting, those defenders left alive were forced to flee and scattered into the shattered neighborhoods surrounding Brooksville.

For his efforts in the defense of Brooksville Roger was promoted to Captain and shortly there after to Fire Marshal of the 3rd district of South West Malton. Roger continues his duties as Fire Marshal and is constantly working to eliminate the undead threat and restore Malton to its past glory.

Roger was recently promoted to Battalion Chief of Malton Fire Department's Southwestern Division.

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