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Oooh. Rorydoc was an interesting character.

Now, Rorydoc was originally created to join the ranks of Dentonside Power, but he was wantonly murdered by Mike LeGrande, who showed him the light side of wanton murder.

He spent quite a while wandering the many buildings of Shearbank, memories which he still remembers with a smile as he eats through the people he once cut through with his trusty (although slow-at-work) fire axe.

But, after many a night with no kills to his name, murder lost its excitement. It lost it's sheen. He started to move around, not really doing much. But then an idea came into his head. He would study the survivor at his best; at the head of a zombie invasion. I mean, if he was going to learn how to be a regular survivor, he might as well learn from the best.

What he found was, well, disappointing. Observing survivors usually works best when you are alive, which was a rare occurrence in places where the MOB were present. Especially when everyone else in the building runs away, leaving you to get eaten. It really wasn't nice.

After many a death at the hands of the MOB, he decided it was much easier to stay dead, rather than seek out Revive points that were blocked or otherwise not working. He now goes eating with Bairn Ceatharn.