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Not Very Tasty

2nd guy you eat was created for one purpose. To take part in the last man standing challenge run by Section 13.

The rules were simple.

  • All competitors had to create a brand new character.
  • The last character to die was the winner.

Name, ingame description, everything was keyed to making the character the least likely target. In general he did really well, hitting level 6 and surviving a month. He outlasted most of the competition, and focussed on the non combat skill tree.

Eventual Death

He first death was a fairly ignominious affair. I had been levelling by doing FAK runs around the suburb, and was PK'd when a survivor took offence. The final words he heard were,

" I Never asked to be healed. "

With that he was out of the competition, and needed a new challenge.

Escape Observations

The next distraction was the Escape debacle, which was a brilliant piece of idiocy, and it was amazing to watch the pkers set up a building away and cause devastation, and then the zombies turn up and finish the job. For me it was one of the most interesting events in recent history, as it illustrated the difference between survivors and zombies, and their comparable effectiveness in an organised setting.

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