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Be Quiet
A zombie with a head partially severed Vertically. You could say he had a splitting Headache.


Be Quiet came into being in early 2009 as part of a strange experiment. After many months of conflict between SFHNAS and the Knights Templar in Kempsterbank rumours began circulating about another Noise abatement society, far to the north.

Grandon PD Noise Abatement Society was founded by the Knight Templar, as a way to better understand the mentality of Hospital loving rotters. Needless to say when SFHNAS found out about it, they jumped at the chance to claw and gouge alongside such distinguished enemies.

Eventually interest in Grandon dipped, and the group became unworkable. Be Quiet wandered the north, following groans wherever they took him.

More Shhhh!

Eventually, tiring of boring wandering, Be Quiet was put to better use. As part of The Difference? articles about single characters changing whole areas, he began targeting a single building, and tried recording the results.

The building was St. Ferreol's Hospital (Dartside).

Pretty soon the building was regularly ruined. As an April Fools joke, it was reported that a twinning association had been created, where all St. Ferreol's in the city would be targeted by zombie groups.

St. Ferreol's Twinning Association

Believe it or not, it happened. A couple of SFHNAS members sent alts, some of the knights templar resurrected their zombie alts. Even new players joined in.

Dartside's residents proved to be completely useless in stopping us. At one point they even warned us if we didn't leave, we'd regret it.

Eventually the group came to an end. Being only 2 suburbs away, alts had to carefully managed to avoid unintentional zerging, and with no classy opponents available to stop us, the group got bored.

Be quiet still wanders occasionally, his only request is simple.

Keep the noise down.


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