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Derm.PNG Dermot O'Leary welcomes you.

Deadset.PNG Survivor
This user was one of the Borehamwood 100

Dermot's Borehamwood Adventure

It all started so easily for Dermot. Waking up one early morning in Borehamwood. With news of the zombie uprising reaching him quickly Dermot hotfooted it over to his nearest factory and in 2AP found a generator and some fuel. With these he set up Borehamwood's first group BSLS powering the abandoned St Theodore's Hospital. As survivor numbers steadily increased, Dermot remained in contact with other local groups and soon a large area of Northwest Borehamwood was barricaded.

Northwest Borehamwood became a survivor haven. With cades thrown up over a large area and a single frequency for all the areas transmitters zombies were spotted quickly and shot before they had a chance to horde. Many zombies moved East in search of easier food, or went south towards the Big Brother studio.

Dull Tedium

A good month of patrolling, the odd incident of PK'ing against our members, stocking up on First Aid kits, maintaining power supplies. The brief hope that after a month we would all be airlifted out. Sadly this was not the case. Slowly the spread of ruin edged towards us. But we were ready.

Borehamwood Party Crew and the flight to Radlett

As Borehamwood's largest zombie horde appeared on the horizon we delicately evacuated to Radlett. Finding the area in a good state of repair (although heavily underpopulated) we began setting up a base near Radlett's Only supermarket.

After this we set up a permanent aid station at Eugene General Hospital.

That's when the fun really began.

Game Over

With news reaching us of the fall of St Theodore's Hospital. Zombies became the least of our concerns. PK'er group Game Over were targetting high level survivors (Including most of Galaxy News Radio in a single strike) BSLS member GOABOUT managed to corner Game Over's Leader NewProxy and end his existence. GOABOUT paid the ultimate price and was killed almost immediately in a reprisal strike. Afterwards group scouting pinpointed Game Over safe houses on 3 successive days, allowing Radlett survivors to thin out their numbers and eventually wipe them out.

Crossing Enemy Lines

No sooner was this problem dealt with then again zombies appeared. The Borehamwood Party Crew attacked Radlett starting in the Far NorthEast of the suburb. Everyday bought them closer to Eugene. Times were desperate. Dermot did something both foolish and desperate. He ran through the horde and the recently ruined buildings, past there outstretched claws. Working slowly he and a few brave others repaired those buildings the BPC destroyed. As the zombies moved forwards, so Dermot Followed.


These small victories were unfortunately spotted and Dermot and the increasingly ragtag band of survivors is now fleeing all over Borehamwood. ( In a stylish manner )

New Years Day

And then Dermot did something stupid. After hearing the Borehamwood Party Crew had declared victory and were partying down in the Big Brother House he saw a way to kick a little dirt in their porridge. In a 48 hour period Dermot repaired 3 corners of the shopping centre, undoing weeks of ruin. A helpful bystander completed the repair work and at the beginning of 2009 Borehamwood Shopping Centre was reopened for the sales. (Admittedly 48 hours later it was entirely gutted by zombies again. But that's not the point.)

Fleeing then resumed. At one point Dermot even stood in a street for 3 hours. Still no bites. Maybe this is almost over.

On a side note Dermot has now been wearing the same Dressing Gown for 4 months.

"high-profile celebrity"

As the number of living survivors in Borehamwood sinks ever lower (150 at this point) People have started calling Dermot a Borehamwood celebrity. Which is random. Nearly every survivor still alive has met the great Dermot, but he still feels humbled by the support he feels. He also recognises that if he and BSLS ever do meet a zombie, he will be the brain they strive for first.

With this in mind Dermot is wondering if he makes it into the Borehamwood 100 it would be a good idea to take "the long walk" spreading topical debate to the undead ruins. Leading Zombies away from his fellow survivors, Screaming his defiance in the diary room one last time.

( It wouldn't be hard it's only 10AP away from his current position )


I forgot about this. on January 7th the "Little Survivors" reclaimed their old HQ of S.t Theo's Hospital. Barring the odd piece of fungus the place was cleared and barricaded in a matter of minutes. A single solemn drink was raised to the four walls where it all started. It's probably ruined by now, the plucky little structure.

Meeting The Fans

After 4 months It finally happened. Whilst reclaiming another building Dermot ran into a little problem. Namely three sneaky zombies attacking the cades almost as soon as he had finished them. Various members of BSLS came to help barricade (Including the amazing Gonk), but by early evening the situation looked grim.

Dermot abandoned the building for the street, only to find 12 zombies in a 3x3 area. With the last of his energy he threw himself into the nearest crumbling structure.

In the dark he waited for 4 hours, before fear overtook him and he moved again, this time hiding near the juicy target of an unruined hospital.

There Dermot fell alseep.

Approximately 3 hours after Dermot entered the building, so did a zombie. Rubbing its zombie eyes in disbelief, the young zombie began clawing and biting, filling its belly with unsullied flesh. Attack after attack rained down on Dermot. 60 Hp turned into 50Hp. Then 40HP,30Hp 20Hp.

And then Dermot Woke Up.

Fleeing barely two squares Dermot again Hid, terribly injured and exhausted, as he blacked out he knew this night would be his last.

But.... It wasn't.

12 Hours later Dermot woke up, murmuring something about Russell Brand, only to find himself alive. Within 10 minutes he had rejoined the rest of the team for full triage of his wounds and a Bourbon biscuit.

Dermot Lives On!


Historically on the 27th January 2009 Dermot changed his clothes for the first time since October.

I hope you agree he looks much more like a celebrity now.

How did he achieve this amazing new outfit? Easy.

Following up on his Borehamwood Shopping Centre repairs of a month ago, Dermot spent time reclaiming Elstree's premier retail outlet.

Dermot also repaired the only known mobile phone mast in Borehamwood, on the Eccleston Building [512,86]. Sadly after this effort he did not have enough energy to text any other survivors and apologise about phone-in quiz fraud. So he just legged it.

Dermot also has an acquaintance with a radio transmitter. If the zombies don't behave he will give it to Galaxy News Radio.

You have been warned. To February!


Well, February continues, Those Big Survivors Little Survivor members Now make up 5% of the population of Borehamwood, and are now listed in The Borehamwood 100. Also zombies did not behave, and indeed wrecked everything. So Galaxy News Radio got their transmitter. You were warned.


March saw the start of Operation: "Help Im infected". Which involved a brief return to Radlett. The plan failed horribly. 2 Brave allies fell, and little was achieved.

Dermot is never going back there. Never!


April was the start of Operation: Attention Defecit Squirrel. BSLS teamed up with other survivors and had a lot of fun leading zombies on a merry-go round. We ran into pretty much every survivor still breathing in our travels, spent a lovely sunny April 1st outside a quiet country pub, and drank to our first 6 months in this awful city. Operation: Raging indifference was enacted, but then quickly abandoned in the face of indifference.


Zombie numbers continue to fall, our own numbers remain the same. Galaxy News Radio continue to do a sterling job, and those 4 day suicide repairs just seem to fly by.

Dermot even met a plucky level one survivor the other day and spent a few hours teaching him the ancient and mysterious art of construction. Another valuable life in the continued fight for survival.

Dermot's new favourite phrase is "Right I'm off to suicide the X building. Anyone fancy cading me in?"

The loss of gonk

And then we lost Gonk Droid. A proud member of the little survivors Gonk droid was our first casualty in 2009 and his loss was felt greatly. Even after his death many survivors went to thank Gonk in his new zombie form for his great efforts. Without him many of us would have fallen months ago.

The Dermot Proclamation

The end almost happened for Dermot. With survivor relationships strained, a new threat emerged, dermot spent almost 5 days repairing a building, only for him to awake the next day to discover that he had travelled back in time to the moment he began.

Soon these events happened all over the city and dermot realised something was terrbily wrong. With this in mind he issued a proclamation, to rid Borehamwood of this strange trickery.

After a rushed meeting of all survivor groups dermot took it upon himself to destroy the evil machinery behind this. Which he did. Repair costs were what they should be.


But Dermot was tired. 9 months of running and repairing had taken its toll, and his paper crown had become floppy. Dermot went to sleep, hiding away in an abandoned bar.

But now he's back.

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