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The Lamport Hills Incident

No one speaks of the Lamport Hill Incident. Why?

Barring the excellent work on Southall Mansion*, Lamport Hills is by far the MOST BORING suburb I have ever encountered. So heres an idea. Lets turn the whole place into a coherent story.

(*Why, thank you. :3 -VI)

Basic Idea

Stealing the plot Idea massively, When the outbreak began, lamport Hills was one of the first suburbs to fall. This was partially due to the actions of Doctor Alexis Reed, whose secret theft of organs from her work at one of the local hospitals resulted in scores of citizens being infected with the zombie virus.

Hows it work

Pick a location in Lamport Hills, make it something to do with the story. On the individual pages, place a header saying "Lamport Hills Incident" and write some back story. Try and link two other locations from the suburb in your piece.

Established Facts

As people write entries I'll add more detail here.'

  • Doctor Alexis Reed was involved in illegal organ transplants
  • Doctor Alexis Reed was born in Gillycuddy Blvd, and spent her childhood there

Suburb Progress Map

When You've written up a square, mark it off on the following map, by changing its background colour to "MOBlit". Southall Mansion is already coloured as an example, and the fact its the only page with a lot of history, so can stay.

The Malton Suburb of Lamport Hills
wasteland a factory the Sheehan Building a factory a junkyard Carr Place Maber Avenue Tolman Lane a carpark Hird Grove
Barrat Lane Chadwick Lane wasteland Broad Boulevard Railway Station Swearse Road a carpark Adlam Cinema Fenwyk Plaza Police Department the Bareham Arms Stranks Walk Railway Station
Lockwood Park Club Bussicott Whittle Row the Corless Arms Luckraft Avenue Clarkson Lane Dennett Lane Latter Walk Railway Station Hamlin Way Duckworth Drive
Club Bennetts the Lethbridge Building Hooke Auto Repair a junkyard St. Maximillian's Church Trickey Lane Frankham Avenue School a junkyard Hoskins Place Sindercombe Grove
Nutt Avenue a factory Adalbert General Hospital Bulleid Square Gillycuddy Boulevard the Braddick Building Courage Avenue
a warehouse wasteland wasteland
wasteland St. Barnabas's Church the McLean Monument
Costen Way Steeds Bank Muxlow Lane Henniker Road Bollans Walk Gainard Place Police Department the Chafy Monument
the Parsons Hotel Spare Grove Montgomery Towers Liddiard Towers the Hollwey Arms the Rothwell Hotel the Wheadon Museum Counsell Auto Repair the Deller Arms Stoodely Street
the Leary Building Martha General Hospital the Smith Arms a carpark wasteland a warehouse the Sidney Arms Grimstead Boulevard Police Department the Little Motel a carpark
Southall Mansion Rolls Road Police Department Whitin Drive St. Henry's Church the Classey Monument
Gully Library Clothier Lane Tozer Auto Repair the Lambley Building the Godwin Motel
Southall Mansion a warehouse Hammet Way a cemetery
Hiscock Alley a junkyard the Terrill Arms Sambone Library Club Sheapperd Church Square
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