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Little Daddy

Little Daddy. Very Angry.

Monroeville Profile

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Lying in the dirt for 3 weeks has bleached his skin almost grey.

The bullet wound on his head shows how close he came to becoming a permanent corpse.

But he's still here. And boy is he angry.

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To say Little Daddy is an old zombie in Monroeville is an understatement. Sired before most people were even aware of the Monroeville Situation, Little Daddy quickly became a name spoken in hushed tones. A chance shamble into [Steven Elson] led to the start of one of Monroevilles Classiest Hordes, The Monroeville Many. Their first success was wiping out mobile communication around Archway Mall in its first week. By Day 11 of the Monroeville Gambit, Little Daddy had breached Archway and screamed BARHAH!

At its height the MM tore through a police station a day. But more was to come.

As more fell and groans haunted the night air, the MM descended on Monroeville Mall, the ultimate symbol of survivor strength. whilst numerous zombies hurled themselves at its east entrance, The Monroeville Many breached its westernmost corridors, crushing those foolish enough to stand and fight in a vice-like grip.

Drummond Mall fell soon after, before a wave of skilled zombie hunters drove back the undead wall of teeth and claws.

Little Daddy again gained access to Archway, but numbers were too small.

Driving onwards the remains of the horde marched through fields and forests and arrived at Newtown. many were eaten, but casualties were unable to be replaced and soon the horde fell. Little Daddy was felled with a glancing bullet to the temple.

Miraculously though, the skulls rotting contents survived and little daddy now waits, watching for the time when the fleshy ones get bored, lazy and complacent. Even now he hears them wasting bullets on each other. Making his job easier. Soon it will be time, time to rise again.

A second chance at undeath

The great miracle happened. All the fallen comrades arose again and the real work could begin. Soon the whole area Outside the City became a barren wasteland, mighty cornfields swept clean, farmhouses and mansions swept away, next Spaulding Mall with its lights glowing like a torch became unbearable. After a week the mighty structure fell, and new corpses swelled the horde to its mightiest.

Returning back to Newtown , little daddy only stopped to destroy what shops were left in Spearing Mall, before carving open the east side of Newtown. Very few escaped, and those that did began whispering the name of the MM.

There is no hope left for the living, their time is past. It is ours now.


Little Daddy has made guest appearances inside the following malls.

In Chronological order.

Flesh Rot and Bellow

Until proved otherwise, little daddy was the first zombie in Monroeville to gain flesh rot and bellow.

Crazy kill list

These days killing isn't all that. Mainly LD is ripping down cades and opening doors for the little ones. Heres a list of recent kills.


  • A pity kill. Standing outside a PD with 8HP. Couldn't resist.

James Leo

  • Only survivor left inside Griggs Crescent with construction. One for the team.

P junks

  • Second kill of the day, level 3 and the first Hermit I ever did eat.


  • After two days and 3 Feeding Drags I finally decide to eat someone myself.

Radek Zelenka

  • Wandering from building to building and Feeding Groaning my dead lungs out, I find a poor wounded harman. Yum.

Mike Alkin

  • Brand new fresh faced cop. Welcome to Monroeville.


  • Brand new fresh faced soldier. Welcome to Monroeville.


  • Brand new fresh faced Firefighter. Welcome to Monroeville.
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