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Mike Carson

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Michael Robert Carson has spent his entire life in Malton and it seems he will never have the chance to leave.

Now 40, he joined the police force of Malton when he was 26. Before this he worked for his father Robert, a well known carpenter with premises throughout North West Malton.

In the years leading up to the outbreak Carson was stationed at Hinks Crescent PD in Yagoton. His duties there were varied but he specialised in community liaison work alongside his long term colleague Carlos.

In the early days of the zombie uprising Yagoton was effectively destroyed. Mike spent 5 weeks trapped alone in a warehouse full of bottled water with only a shotgun for company. The screams as his home was torn apart around him almost pushed him over the edge.

2 years were spent wandering, alive or dead, honing skills that helped him survive. Firstly he searched for signs of Carlos, but then, as time went on Carson needed to find a purpose.

The outbreak control unit solved the problem. After meeting two of their surgeons in the midst of a mall siege, Carson was hastily put in charge of their back up squad and charged with recruiting more bodies. It may have been a small task but it was an important step in getting himself back together. But like Yagaton years before, it all went wrong.

Members went Rogue and as the groups leader failed to do anything, internal discussions tore the group asunder. Mike grabbed those remnants of the group he felt redeemable and severed links with the command chain.

The result was bloody. The teams entire Alpha Unit turned on itself and were quickly wiped out.

As the dust settled Mike took the opportunity to make his one and only command decision.

He dissolved the group.

Those members he trusted Mike is still in contact with, joining the groups of old allies or just passing through, helping out those they can.

Now he's trying helping out someone new.

Physically Mike's a mess. The ravages of time are catching up with him. His dark hair is thinning, and his forearms are a network of scars. He never seems to sleep, preferring to sit and watch. His words are few and considered carefully. He's been on his own for too long and realises how bad things have got.

Darkness seems to follow him, and zombies seem to target him personally. Vinetown is in for some dark times and Carson feels he should be everywhere.

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