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Bub from "Day of the Dead"

Bub (profile link) is believed to be Malton's first inhabitant. The account is owned by Kevan, Urban Dead's creator, and is an active Zombie character who has been seen participating in a number of sieges, Mall Tours and battles.

Bub's UDID is 11, which is thought to be the first proper account (since the IDs from 1-10 are now blank accounts) and is part of the 'military' class, despite having no military skills. The name "Bub" is based on George A. Romero's zombie character of the same name, from "Day of the Dead", who was also a member of the military.

This link should tell you more about Bub.

Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy (profile link) was the leader of the Channel 4 News Team. He helped lead them into glorious battle on numerous occasions, including the infamous Battle of the Bear Pit and Battle of Blackmore.

Ron participated in the First Siege of Caiger Mall, and indeed almost every historical event prior to his retirement in 2008.

His love of PacMan is well recorded, as well as scotch. Legend suggests his final resting place is somewhere in Ackland Mall

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Kittens, belonging to Petrosjko

Petrosjko (profile link) was one of the first zombies who came into creation, being the 4665th character created. More importantly, following The Rise of Ridleybank in 2005 He founded the Ridleybank Resistance Front, a zombie horde that still retains a stranglehold on Greater Ridleybank almost 7 years later.

His lasting legacy is more than this, as he helped develop urban dead's founding zombie identity and the ideas of zombie culture.

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Jorm (profile link) was once an elder of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Within the RRF he was also a key member of its highly secretive arm the Barhah Brigade.

During a period of turmoil lasting several months the Brigadiers dropped from the public (and private) eye. However, in early December of 2006 they resurfaced - this time no longer claiming affiliation with the RRF.

It has been revealed that apparently during this self-imposed isolation, the members of the team had achieved a greater and deeper understanding of the ideals of "barhah". However, it has been found that their interpretations of barhah are in conflict with the modern philosophies espoused by the Ridleybank Resistance Front. As a result, they disengaged from the RRF and led by Jorm formed the core of the Militant Order of Barhah.

The MOB still exists, and has for the last 7 years been a constant threat throughout Malton, acting as a mobile horde, willing to spread chaos and death through every suburb.

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Sirens Discord

I can find no appropriate image!

Sirens Discord (profile link) is the former leader of the Wanderers. As she was the de facto face of Red Rum for a long time, she and the Wanderers also helped create much of Red Rum's image. The sudden murders of many members of a random group, the rapid appearance and disappearance of PKers in Malls, or the random carnage in an isolated corner of Malton could all be chalked up to the vision of Sirens and her followers. Sirens herself was viewed as a both a harbinger of doom (Red Rum is coming!) and one of the greatest trophies a Bounty Hunter could pick up. The second phenomenon was all the more remarkable because Sirens showed a casual disregard for her own life and took few precautions in hiding herself from Malton's Bounty Hunting community."

It should also be noted the Sirens possessed neither Bodybuilding or a Flak Jacket.

This link should tell you more about Sirens.

Uncle Zeddie

Broadcasting to the whole of Malton

Uncle Zeddie (profile link) is a unique Malton celebrity. His broadcasts from across the city were designed to entertain, but also revealed clues to his characters real identity.

The question Who is Uncle Zeddie? was asked throughout the city. In the end 50 video broadcasts were made, chronicling his journeys through the survivor community.

His broadcasts began on August 27th 2007, and ceased on August 31st 2008.

This external link contains all of his broadcasts.

On a side note, in terms of Wiki history, the Radio Survivor was one of several factors culminating in the Wiki Coup.


You really need a caption?

Goolina (profile link) was the founder of the Gore Corps. During the Big Bash she found herself getting needlessly combat revived on a regular basis. One fine day, instead of choosing unlife, this former zombie was so angered by the humans antics that it began to give the humans a taste of their own medicine, namely lead. When the survivors began to protest, the inherent fun and humor of being a death cultist was apparent. With much deliberation by Papa Sonny and Papa Patrucio, the Gore Corps was founded, allowing members of the largest horde in Malton to partake in the merriment of shooting the human that just combat revived them.

Since its founding in 2006, the Gore Corps has had a long illustrious history of putting fear into the hearts of harmanz all over Malton. Its first success was at the Battle of Blackmore, where members of the Corps wreaked havoc not only on the Blackmore Building but also on the vital supply line at Nichols Mall. After showing their worth as members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. The Gore Corps stirred up quite a bit of controversy with accusations of the group running afoul of the horde's laws, particularly the hordes much touted Grey Tactics rule, and indeed in some more extreme cases of violating the fundamental spirit of BARHAH.

It was then decided that the Corps should become an exclusive force, with strict rules that no information that was collected by a Gore Corps member could be passed on to the rest of the horde. Also, the Corps became somewhat independent of the horde, striking on orders of the Papa himself, and not following around the ball of destruction that was Group 0.

This link should tell you more about Goolina.