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Former or Inactive Members

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Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Pitneybank
Mazzie Towers Baum Bank Maggs Cinema Harman Lane
a warehouse
the MacMillan Hotel the Shaa Monument a warehouse a junkyard Davies Avenue
Blackholler Street Boxall Road Fire Station
Boutcher Alley Police Department
a warehouse Giddings Mall Giddings Mall Lancey Drive
Beaman Boulevard School
wasteland Raper Plaza
Woollmington Place Walden Drive Stidston Street
wasteland Giddings Mall Giddings Mall Sage Way Railway Station the Chetham Building Couch Avenue
Tewkesbury Square
a junkyard Davenport Cinema
Bathe Row Byrne Auto Repair
the Morrish Building Bromley Auto Repair the Sprod Building the Heeks Motel Greatwood Road a warehouse
St. Lucy's Church Nalder Plaza Teek Road Mann Walk
Walrond Square
Kitch Park Billet Road Fire Station
Halberry Boulevard Police Department
Hecks Street a factory
Elers Park a cemetery

Beall Avenue Wylde Road the Powys Monument Rodd Grove wasteland a factory Griffith Alley Chetwynd Square
Gumm Alley Norgan Library the Farmer Building Stockwell Road
Deverell Grove Hewlett Place Howland Street School the Murly Monument Livius Row Lewarn Alley
Fort Creedy barracks a junkyard
Mumford Towers St. Benedict's Hospital
a carpark Membery Way Buckinham Square Frizzell Lane Leith Way
Cabbell Lane School
Fort Creedy gatehouse
Ebdon Drive Rowlatt Row
Pallaye Library the Schonlau Motel
the Dill Monument the Lowther Building McCorquodale Row Creasy Walk Woolcott Plaza
Fort Creedy vehicle depot the Hunter Building Lavor Alley School
Pigeon Way Crowcombe Park Rostron Plaza Colier Walk
Muirhead Bank
Rees Square Derham Bank

The Battle Of Pitneybank

The Battle of Pitneybank (also known as The Battle of Giddings) was a month-long conflict that occurred throughout Pitneybank and its surrounding. Throughout January 2008 several survivor groups defended the region against the large number of zombies participating in the Second Big Bash.


"It is time to harken to the past of UrbanDead. It is time to bring back... The Big Bash." - Bisfan

In October 2007, many of Malton's zombie hordes came together to recreate the wanton destruction of The Big Bash. In it's first month the second big bash carved a bloody swathe through the city, attacking 11 suburbs in a seemingly endless orgy of destruction.

This pattern continued for the rest of the year with over a third of suburbs visited, with the survivors in each suburb resisting in its own way. The Dribbling Beavers managed to halt the bash in Santlerville for 4 days, The NMC mounted a defence of the the Angerstein Building in East Grayside that lasted 6 days. Survivor tactics were varied and as well as head on confrontations other more subtle approaches were used. A large scale survivor evacuation of Vinetown led to the suburb being destroyed in 24 hours as no-one was left to man the barricades. Meeting little resistance the zombies moved on quickly, allowing returning survivors to reclaim the territory within a week. No suburb could mount a significant, sustained defence.

More Prologue

"There is a PKA assault, half of the creedy gatehouse defenders have been killed or have fled...." - Random Void

By the final week of 2007 the second big bash had reached Pegton, having previously shambled through first Fryerbank, then Penny Heights and Vinetown. It seemed clear to outside observers that it was heading towards Pitneybank.

Pitneybank was to be a true test of the Big bash. One reason for this was the presence of Fort Creedy. Several hundred survivors were guarding it, and since the August updates the previous summer introducing Ruin no zombie group had managed to gain control of the fort. The building best designed to resist a siege was expecting a tidal wave of undead to break across their gatehouse.

But things didn't turn out that way.

On the 23rd of December, the PKer Alliance launched their own assault on the fort. The Silent Night Slaughter as it came to be known resulted in the documented deaths of 126 survivors in Creedy's gatehouse, approximately half of the survivors present, in a single evening. Local RP's filled up with the freshly dead, and the remaining survivors had to deal with several threats at once. Some began killing the PK'ers present, some began reviving their fallen colleagues, whilst others struggled to keep the barricades up as a small force of 20 zombies continued to claw at the doors.

On the 30th the Big bash officially declared the Fort their target. What followed was a short siege. The number of survivors still present in the Gatehouse were soon overwhelmed and by the end of the month over 200 zombies had swarmed into the fort.

By the 2nd of January the entire fort was ruined. The survivors had been unable to recover from the PK'er attack in time to mount a successful defence against the combined zombie groups. At first glance it would appear that Pitneybank would offer no more resistance than any other suburb.

The Battle of Pitneybank - Opening Skirmishes


With the First Ruining of Fort Creedy completed, Big Bash members spread out over the suburb. Over the next few days zombies began attacking several targets across the suburb, splitting their numbers with mixed results.

  • Members of the Eastonwood Ferals attacked and ruined the North West corner of Giddings Mall, ruining it in the process. The attack was repulsed and the area reclaimed.
  • 140 survivors, including members of the New Malton Colossus, TNR and END gathered to defend the Farmer Building. The building is held until the 2nd of January when a 43 zombie break in fails to be stopped
  • With the fall of the Farmer building, the undead then focussed their efforts on the Morrish Building. By the 3rd of january 300 zombies were standing outside.

The Attack on Giddings

"Morris is under a heavy siege by a horde 300+ zed belonging to the Big Bash 2, the cades holds barely, meanwhile the survivors inside prepare themselves to fight for their life and their loved ones." - Random Void

At this point there was a distinct contrast in Pitneybank. The soutwestern area, home to the fort and the Farmer building was completely ruined, whilst the Northern section, surrounding Giddings Mall and the Morrish NT were still in survivor hands.


A Tale of 2 Auto Repair Shops

Creedy Retaken

Updates and Beachheads


Buildings involved in the battle

While early and late battles took place at Fort Creedy and The Farmer building NT in southern Pitneybank, most of the significant fighting occurred in northern and central Pitneybank in the area immediately surrounding Giddings Mall. Notable sieges occurred in the following locations:

Giddings-mall-logo.jpg Giddings-mall-logo-alt.jpg

Timeline of events

The Battle of Pitneybank
also known as
The Battle of Giddings


Date: January 2nd - January 31st, 2008
Place: Pitneybank, mainly the Farmer Building, The Morrish Building and Giddings Mall
Result: Zombie Victory

Survivors x Zombies

- Survivors : At Farmer: TNR, Malton Rangers, C4NT, CDF, AaR, USAI, DEM , E.N.D, rrn, zsg, MDD and RHVP

At Morrish and Giddings: TNR, MR, THC, C4NT, AaR, USAI, SHURLMNP, DEM, E.N.D, RHVP, TDB, TF, FANNY, CDF, 151st, ACC, TTFW, ARFCOM, the DA, D52, B.A.T., ATO, zom, NFA, DR, NW, VZW, DotP, CC, UC and MDD.

- Zombies : The Second Big Bash, officially comprised of: Cybele's Shamblers, De-vivification Experts of Malton, Eastonwood Ferals, Extinction, Feral Undead, Infected Swarm, Killer Zombie Tomatoes, Lebende Tote, LUE, Rowcliffe Must Fall, The Minions of the Apocalypse, The Alliance, The Ridleybank Resistance Front, Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set, Undeadites, and Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies

- Survivors : Blanemcc, Redwave, Padre Romero, Johnny Lunchpail, El Satanno, Randomzero, XxCannon FodderxX, Laundry_hamper, DanceDanceRevolution, Doctor Sarcoma,Clint Clintstone,Tommy Crowbar, and Deletion
- Zombies : DonTickles, Brona, Keith Moon, Gogolnik, Captain Grisum, Brainzombie, Mrhton, Plinker

- Survivors : 800-1300 overall
- Zombies : Around 400 at the beginning of the siege, over 700 at the time Morrish fell.

- Survivors : 900+ (300 Creedy, 150 Farmer, 300 Giddings, 200 Morrish.)
- Zombies : Unknown, but somewhere in the hundreds. Several breakins of around 50 were repelled, and at least one numbering 100 or more.

The following timeline closely approximates the sequence of events during the Battle of Pitneybank

January 2nd
Big Bash 2 zombies ruin Fort Creedy.
January 3rd
A short skirmish at The Farmer Building NT takes place.
January 3rd to January 4th
Big Bash 2 pause to allow zombie groups to catch up to the main horde. Survivors take advantage by reviving, healing and otherwise preparing for a large siege.
January 4th
The Siege at The Morrish Building begins.
January 4th to 14th
The Morrish siege continues and Byrne Auto Repair and Bromley Auto Repair are frequent battlegrounds.
January 15th to 17th
Battles take place at The MacMillan Hotel and The Dewell Building (Spracklingbank). Byrne Auto Repair and Bromley Auto Repair are repaired and reclaimed by survivors.
January 18th
The battle at Morrish continues and focus begins to shift to Giddings Mall.
January 23rd
The interference game mechanic is added.
January 24th
The NE corner of Giddings becomes the main focus of the siege. Fort Creedy and The Farmer Building are reclaimed by survivors.
January 27th
Fort Creedy and The Farmer NT are reclaimed by zombie forces after a few days of battle.
January 29th
With survivors refocused on the NE corner of Giddings, zombie focus is shifted to the SE corner. Break-ins are frequent and active battles take place inside the mall. Morrish remains in survivor hands.
January 31st
The SE corner of the mall is ruined creating a beachhead, allowing zombies to move freely into and through the building. The mall falls and the Giddings siege ends. Zombies again focus on the Morrish Building. The NT building falls later that day after another skirmish. The Battle of Pitneybank ends with Giddings Mall, Morrish NT, Fort Creedy and Farmer NT ruined or in zombie control.

Player participation

Participation was very high by both survivor and zombie players during The Battle of Pitneybank. Before the Silent Night Slaughter and subsequent ruining of Fort Creedy, approximately 700 survivors defended the fort against a modest amount of zombie attackers. When the Second Big Bash arrived at Creedy, it brought 300 or more zombies players to the battle. These numbers quickly increased following the ruining of Creedy as more zombie players caught up to the main horde, and more survivor groups arrived to defend central and northern Pitneybank. By the end of the battle, approximately 35 survivor and 20 zombie groups would participate in the suburb-wide conflict involving at least 2,000 players, or approximately 16.8% of the game's total player base at that time.

Jan 2008 graph.png

The above graph provides some population data for Malton during the battle. The data was aggregated from the Urban Dead stats log and corroborates with the participation claims above. Shifts in zombie and survivor numbers reach close to one thousand by during the middle and end of the Morrish/Giddings siege.

Interference update

On January 23, the interference game mechanic was added to the game. The update occurred during the third week of battle and approximately one week before its end. Prior to the update, barricade build rates were unaffected by zombies standing inside a building. After the update, build rates were drastically reduced while more than two zombies stood inside. Because the update occurred at the height of the battle, each side had to quickly establish new tactics. It was during this time that the zombie Beachhead Tactic was first practiced, among others.

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