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Tangling Grasp

Tangling Grasp is a zombie skill available after purchasing Vigour Mortis within the Zombie skills tree.

Like all zombie skills it costs 100 XP

Tangling Grasp

Beardy Man writhes in your grasp, you bite hime for 4 damage.

If the zombie hits with hands, its further attacks on that victim get +10% until it loses its grip. Tangled attacks on other zombies seem to be ineffective. 50% of missed hits result in loss of grasp. It also seems that only one zombie can grasp a target at a time - you may well lose your grasp if another zombie with tangling grasp makes a successful attack on your target before you do. For suggestions on the use of tangling grasp see the zombie tactic Guides:Claw for Grasp, Bite for Threes.

Problems with tangling grasp

Tangling grasp appears to be the area of urban dead with the most bugs. Some of the most common ones are listed here


Tangling grasp's bonus is seemingly unaffected by darkness. As such the 10% Bonus gives zombies a real advantage in these buildings.

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