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New Zombie Guide

So you're a new zombie. Hard isn't it? Shot in the head every day, spending most of your energy standing up. Unable to even open a door.

What's the quickest way to level up? Easy! Find a group who can open the doors for you.



Diary of a new recruit.


Here is an example of a week in the life of a new St. Ferreol's Recruit. The zombie in question arrived at the hospital at level 5.

Day 1

Spent my first night in the ruined hospital. At strike time 7 of us assaulted Nunn Row Fire Station. Numerous survivors killed. Fellow members clawed survivors within an inch of their lives, allowing me to finish them off. 60+XP gained. Building Ruined by ferals.

Day 2

After 50 days of ruination St. Ferreol's Hospital is reclaimed by survivors. Luckily this provides us with lots of fresh meat. Generator is destroyed and another 70Xp gained. Ankle Grab purchased.

Day 3

Hitting the hospital again 10 survivors are killed and I claim another 3 victims. 80XP gained. Building is again ruined by members and ferals attracted by our groans.

Day 4

Still ruined. Attacking Titus General. Another noisy genny silenced. Another 2 personal kills. All high level survivors infected. 60XP and Memories of Life purchased.

Day 5

Could not make strike time. Followed local feral groaning (Local ferals groan for us and we return the favour) ate another 2 survivors gained Brain Rot. 50xp gained.

Day 6

Back on strike time, we hit the HQ of a local group, Dawn Patrol. Ate two members of their staff. On the way back to the hospital opened another building for late arrivals. Gained 80XP, bought Flesh Rot.

Day 7

Clawed a fellow zombie on 4HP so he could meatshield at full health. Bashed some cades and clawed a human on the street. Only 30xp gained today.


Within my first week the following has happened.

  • I have Personally Killed 13 Survivors.
  • Gained enough XP for 4 new skills.
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