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I'm a massive zerger

Back in the heady days at the end of 2009, I had a bit of an issue. This issue was the Blackhawk Nation. Over a several week period I was targeted by this group, most notably my Mike Carson character in Vinetown and Little Daddy in Kempsterbank. This was all as the result of a massive investigation I undertook into the group, that eventually led to 80% of their members being zerg listed, and the group's forum, group's wiki page and leader's wiki page being deleted.

This went on for several months, well into 2010. The PKing in Vinetown wasn't an issue, as thanks to the likes of M.E.R.C.Y. and MDK I got revived almost immediately, the problem was in Kempsterbank; where after all else failed I got myself a fan club.

All of a sudden lots of zombies appeared, with similar names to SFHNAS members. Indeed, several times over a week I was followed by my mirror image littledaddy wherever I went in Kempsterbank.

To me, it was the pettiest form of revenge. Throwaway alts created to secure screenshots suggesting I, and my group were zerging. The worst part was that after mounting a month long zerging investigation it was inferred that I would then be stupid enough to create an alt with an almost identical name.

To save time, and avoid the issue, Little Daddy went on holiday, joining Big Bash 3. With my character out of the suburb there was no way that I could be framed for zerging.

An Olympic Legend

A fairly typical Wenlock scene.

So. With this in mind, I needed a new alt for SFHNAS. This, was Wenlock.

Wenlock has evolved over the years into a rather strange character. Created at the same time I also made Mandeville, (Idled in Pitneybank at level 2 I believe).

The issue with SFHNAS is that, for 5 years now, I've been defending the same building, generally against the same people. In that time survivor tactics have changed and altered.

Whereas my previous zombie was a Rotter, as Wenlock levelled, it became clear just how many survivors would Combat Revive me. So Wenlock became a very specific Death Cultist.

Wenlock weaves his merry way through Kempsterbank when alive. Wiping out generators, advertising to zombies, overcading, broadcasting random messages, (My favourite being *crash* *static* *silence*, confusing the hell out of people) and warning level one players that a huge horde is coming, and they should leave the suburb.

However, Wenlock isn't a PKer. Sure if he sees someone in St Ferreols on 2hp, he'll give them a whack, but he never carries any guns. In fact, the years of conflict have left him pretty jaded.

Generally, he spends his time in The Whitenoll Building, the headquarters of The Knights Templar, handing out unsolicited advice on recruitment strategy, the dangers of scouting safehouses and random chats about the goings on in the suburb. Sure he gets headshot most days, but that was always bound to happen.

Plus, thanks to the Knight excellent RP point at Ebbutt Road, he's normally revived in a few hours, sometimes even by the Knights themselves.

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