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OMG! There's nothing here.

Ok. There's a little bit here. I play Brother-Captain Alex Molsov in the Imperium group, leader of the Imperial Fists' Third Company and field commander of all Adeptus Astartes troops operating in Malton.

I also play a zombie named Jon Dough, who, if anyone ever bothers to revive him again, I plan on playing both side of the conflict properly, since most people (including myself, with Captain Molsov mentioned above) tend to be dedicated zombie or survivor players, I've decided that if Jon is revived, he'll scream and panic and run around like he should, rather than simply diving out a window and returning to unlife. Of course, he'll make stupid mistakes, since he's a better zombie (all skills save brain rot) than a survivor (no skills whatsoever as of yet), so he's a bit more fun to play when he's hungry for brains.

I've recently reactivated a survivor character I let fall into disuse, now as a proud member of the Degenerates. Malton, say hello to Cristof Sanders.

Oh, one more thing: I've designated myself the new Guardian of the Imperium's wiki presence, since the other guys who do it are either lazy or can't spell.

Anyway, if you got here because of a signature on a discussion page, then you're probably looking for this: User Talk:RosutoEnzeru, or you could just hit the Discussion tab up top. Whichever.

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