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"One who helps the RRN"


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About Me

Stuff you need to know.
  • American
  • I think Bush is straight stupid.
  • Seriously love to ski
  • Pacifist
  • T.V. sucked after they took off Invader Zim and the adams family.
  • I read a lot. Mostly Jack London or Robinson Crusoe.
  • I write a lot. No secrets revealed it's not done.
  • Mostly FPS and MMORPG gamer.
  • Mostly listen to rock music.
  • Emo music sucks. Period.
  • Very active
  • Hate when kids hop on PCs and use leet speak.
Do something good with my life..... and get revenge

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Hello, welcome to my user page. This page is for my many thoughts of the wiki and my Urban Dead characters. I am a person who likes to correct badly tabled pages. For many reasons the correction of these pages are due to Over-templated pages which are quite a nuisance in many cases. These pages result in the breaking of the wiki. Despite the fact I am very concerned about the table problems of user pages I am highly affiliated with Urban Dead.




Specimen: Austeko3rs

Creation: September 29th, 2006


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Alignment: Neutral Good, although sometimes portrayed as Neutral Evil

Attire: Black jacket, Black T-shirt, blue jeans and Black leather boots.

Current status: Alive

Physical appearance: 5.7ft, cuts, bruises. Bloodshot eyes, unkempt facial hair. Very poor hygiene.

Affiliation: Zombieslayerguild

Weapon(s) of choice: Hands, flare gun, shotgun.

History: At age 13 Austeko3rs was fighting for himself due to the loss of his parents at age 8. Austeko3rs was raised as a man of duty to be for himself with no love to women or anything. Austeko3rs was found at age 14 by a man named Zinker from malton's finest 113th infantry division. Austeko3rs was much of a mess when Zinker found him. He spent the rest of his youth affiliated with the Zombieslayerguild until one day in the suburb of West Grayside. The Zombieslayerguild was laughing and cheering in their home of the younghusband arms when they heard from the radio: Pole mall is under heavy attack..... we are barley with standing the wrath of these menacing zombies........ This was all they needed to hear before they sprang into action leaving behind trails of dust and snowy footprints. The second they reached pole mall they fired their guns rapidly at the zombies leaving none in their path. Austeko3rs was horrified at the site of all the mass killings so he decided to sneak away for a few moments to the upper level of pole mall. As he reached the upper level of pole mall there was silence and peace.....but not for long. Austeko3rs walked and roamed as he heard silent but scary footsteps coming towards him. Austeko3rs turned around to see if it was coming from that luck.....turned luck.....turned luck.....examined closely in front of luck. So Austeko3rs assumed there had to be something going on so he slowly turned around and heard a loud "GGGGGRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" Austeko3rs looked above himself to find a zombie flying down from above. As he tried to lurch out of the way the zombie crushed him and a gaped with horror. Austeko3rs shoved pushed and rammed at the zombie well its claws were tearing him apart piece by piece. He looked around the ground searching for a weapon that might be of use. He found boards and smashed the zombie as hard as he could, but soon he lost his grip of the board. He looked more sweating in pain and saw a fire axe laying on the ground he reached towards it as hard as he could, claws tearing him piece to piece. Finally he grabbed the fire axe, turned his body and smashed the zombie to its death. Austeko3rs felt a sense of pride on killing his first zombie all by himself and slowly got up and walked away. To this day, Austeko3rs lives in the younghusband arms in West Grayside occasionally taking a trip to holly crescent to say hi to old friends.There we are.

You are inside The Younghusband Arms, many statues and a lit fireplace cover the area. The wine cellar has been very strongly barricaded.

A television has been set up here. It is running. The sofas have many people longing on them and relaxing. One of the wards has been decorated with a golden plate.

Somebody has spraypainted The Younghusband Arms - making you feel more at home. onto the wall.

Since your last turn:

Zinker saves Austeko3rs (3 minutes ago)
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