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Rufus Vanzant
Urbandead ID CAPD 227-0220
Survivor Rufus Vanzant History
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SLAB Template Image.jpg Sting Like A Bee!
This user was part of Operation Sting Like A Bee
US Customs and Border Protection officers.jpg CAPD
This User/ Group Supports CAPD.

He has an old CAPD Badge on a chain around his neck, a weathered DSSRZS patch, and a new SoC patch sown into his flak jacket. A patch saying 'Revive me' is sown into the back of the flak jacket. On his flak jacket, in the lower left side of his stomach, S.L.A.B. is written in black sharpie with 19 tallies underneath.

I was just a normal guy before the outbreak. I had no choice in this yet I might as well have a goddamn party while it lasts. I joined an awesome group of guys and dolls who kick ass in keeping the southwest green and beautiful. We popped Spandy's skull and pushed off any attacks that may have come. Murderers? What murderers? We already killed them all before they got here. We kicked ass and knew it.

I have worked with the DSSRZS and kicked ass against the red zone and any zombie that wanted to cause trouble. We revived so many sons of bitches that everyone wanted to come to the area. We rocked.

Rufus Badge.png

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