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While on a joint training exercise with Malton's military, Spc. Gils found himself on the receiving end of an undead apocalypse. He woke up to the sound of rain within a dark alley in the suburb of Heytown, seperated from his troop and all alone. As he could tolerate an extended bout of solitude, that was a-ok with Spc. Gils, that it was. Less than satisfactory was the fact he was armed with a single use flare gun. Budget cutbacks, you understand.

More pressing matters concerned him however. Malton was a fair sized city yet there was no sound but the soft pattering of rain. Made him uneasy that it did. Still, there was nothing for it but to get up and head to the nearest building. Silent the streets may have been but death had a habit of walking quietly. Good thing Gils was a hell of a runner.

Though generally a lone wolf, Gils often reverts to his Scout ways, venturing out into the streets and reporting zombie numbers to any survivors in the vicinity. He does what he can to help out but his own survival is top priority for now.

  • First slain on 2/15/07 in the suburb of Shearbank
  • First revived on 3/3/07 in the suburb of Pescodside
  • Retired on 4/21/07 in the suburb of Rhodenbank


  • Zombie Kill Count: 37
  • Bodies Dumped: 59
  • Deaths: 5
  • Revived: 5
  • Survivors Treated: 19
  • Survivors Revived: 16
  • Generators Set Up: 9
  • Generators Fueled: 9
  • Radios Setup: 0
  • Bottles of Beer: 0

Best profile seen so far: slappa

ZoMBaH sTaTz:

  • hArManZ EeTeD: 18
  • HArManZ inFeCtEd: 8
  • ZOmbaHz EetED: 5
  • gENnY BRoKE: 3
  • RaDiO BRoKe: 0
  • dIE (aGHaihn lol): 12

Miscellaneous: Gil's Journal

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