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Being A Tourist

"What a wonderful place this city is! Great sights, ancient ruins, epic battles everywhere! Just the right place to be for a tourist like myself!
A strange thing I have noticed is that people live longer here... They die and stand right back up! Incredible! Sure they tend to be really hungry for some reason but...who isn't? There isn't a single restaurant open in this place! Anyways, I have got to try that dying-and-coming-back-to-life thing before I go back home..."

And with that journal entry started the adventures of Sagekun, or Sage, for short... Shortly after, a quarantine came into place and locked him and the rest of the city in. That does not worry Sage however, for he is one curious son of a gun! He is going to explore every bit of Malton in the coming days!

Starting out as a corpse lost its appeal to Sage, and now he is going to experiment a bit with being alive. Especially the part where he'll able to open doors... You see, he'd seen this amazing guitar store a few blocks back and bashing his head against the door was not enough to get in... Yea...


Revive him and he'll try to help you out. Being nice is his forte! Kill him and... well, he is pretty annoyed with the lack of proper restaurants anyway... he will start munching on whomever is closest.

It is just hunger though, not grudge! (^_^)

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