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SaintKashmir is the leader and founder of the Malton Bolshevik Party which promotes revolutionary and socialist ideas and agendas in various suburbs of Malton. (See Malton Bolshevik Party for more info)

Starting December 27th, 2006, SaintKashmir has kept a journal of his activities and ideas. (Please note, this is a journal, and not a diary. Diaries are for girlie man, fascists, and capitalists, all of which are the same.)

SaintKashmir: What's in a name?

Who asks a person about their name? Really. Who does that? Obvious many people I come into contract with, so here is the explanation behind my username. I'll do this in 2 parts, discribing one part of the name at a time.

  • Saint

1. Well, firstly, PopeKashmir was already taken, so SaintKashmir was the next best thing. No, it is actually a referance to the 1999 crime-movie The Boondock Saints. It was only in five theaters for 1 week, and most critics thought it was bad. It really isn't. Its got a huge cult-following. Plus, who cares about critics? They thought The Matrix was bad, and was it? Well, a little.

2. Saint Jimmy is an awesome song by Green Day.

  • Kashmir

Kashmir is a desert in India. God. Does it always have to be so complex and filled with double-meanings? No, but just remember all that glitters isn't gold. Wait, wrong song. Anyway, Kashmir is a desert, but more importantly it's a song by 1970's rock group Led Zeppelin. Not only do me and Jimmy Page share the last name, we're both good lookin' fellas.

Q & A

A: Nice question.

Q: Are you really a communist?
A: Uhh... will I get lynched for my answer?'

Q:?sdrawkcab daer ouy naC
A: !oot sdrawkcab etirq nac I, taht ylno toN

Q: Who are your role-models?
A: Myself.

Q: What other games do you play?
A: Shartak, and some other online RPGs that aren't like UD and I feel as if I shouldn't mention them here. Oh yeah, and of cource, Kingdom of Loathing.

Important items relating to St. Kashmir

Malton Bolshevik Party
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This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
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