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Starting Occupation: Firefighter
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Maintain warrant lists & hunt most wanted. Heal & revive comrades
Username: sanpedro
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Sanpedro was in Peddlesden Village when the outbreak occurred, living the dream life of the unemployed hippy. Upon seeing the undead in the streets, he managed to find refuge in The Bascombe Building NT, which was being held by members of the DHPD. After The Shining Ones began thrashing the Hills, he was deputised by the department and became a member of Dixie Squad.

Today he is a member of the DHPD command staff and maintains the DHPD's most wanted lists. He has spent time as a DHPD Captain - 2IC to the department - head of the Legal Department, Comm's Admin and Academy instructor. His days are now spent hunting Pkers within the DMZ, reviving and healing comrades and wishing that they would include some cigarettes in the supply drops. Bastards.

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