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Those Who Have

Received the Kiss
As always, the real number is way higher - I'm so terrible at record keeping. I guess that's why I chose to be a murderous comedienne rather than an actuary or something like that. Anyway - here's two links: Those killed on this tour, and total kills:

Overall Kill List

Entertainment through the

homicidal arts.
I've decided to abandon any rules I used to adhere to - I'm just going to kill who I want when I want.

Archive Shows

Most of my stuff is archived on the LNTV page, but I've put what I had on my own page here that was worth keeping.

Hell Hath No Fury Tour
My old Intro
My 100th Kill

1. I
2. Hate
3. Old
4. Valkyries

Look! I got an award!!

Hey, I entered myself and Golam in Kristy's community award thingy, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!

Disapproves.jpg A Murder(?) Award
Sarah Silverman and Golam is awarded a Murder(?) Award for Best Friends For Life

Well, I guess Golam and I did. We are pretty great pals, that's for sure. That said, I'd still kill him if I wanted to. And Kristy too. But this is really really nice.

Thanks Kristy!!

I feel so special! I never win anything!

Kiss kiss!

I'm updating the Late Night TV Crue page

Thanks for checking here - but as the group is more active and coordinated, I've moved to that page to share what's going on of late...

We're Getting the Band Back together..."

As all of Malton knows, in the immortal words of Donald "Duck" Dunn, "We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline." We're not really on a mission from God, but at least to improve our ratings. Or maybe I'll get to fuck Matt Damon again.

This to say: we're back. Jimmy's up (well, not currently - Zoomy killed him yesterday), Stephen's up, and Triumph is nearby. So while I haven't had time yet to really clean up this place, I will start sharing some of our good times.

Carolina Cross is one of my new favorite people. I'm bummed I can't remember what I said to her. But she's the bestest in my book:

Carolina Cross snip.JPG

I killed Zoomy again today. Here are the highlights:

Zoomy1.JPG Zoomy2.JPG Zoomy3.JPG

I'm going to put this identical content up on the LNTVC page. This will be my last cross link. I'm realizing I should update there again now, if others are awake.

Kiss kiss!

I didn't yet - but I promise I'll get to that at some point.


I just killed Izumi Orimoto in Locketside in St. Alexander's Hospital!

It's like old times! I'm so excited! Something to DO! YAY!!!

See for yourself:

Hey!! I woke up! I'm like Rip Van Winkle!

So weird! Almost everyone I used to kill is now really gone! I look forward to meeting all you 'new' people and killing you too! See you around! Kiss kiss!