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Sarah the Bullet
Joined: 2006-03-01 04:11:45
Character class: Scientist, NecroTech
Favorite equipment: Pistol,Mk
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Roleplayers In Malton
Character stats: Lvl. 38
Journal: No journal for Sarah the Bullet

"I never wanted to be in this mess. I just wanted to play computer and chat on the phone. Of course, that was before a zed was outside my bedroom door..."

Roleplay Info

Description Sarah has blonde hair that blows over her right eye most of the time. Her unnatural red eyes tend to stare out into space. Purple shirt, blue skirt, black shirt and a pair of boots compleate the look of cute, but rugged. The most important item she has is a carpet bag that holds her equipment- and a few extras as well.

'Tude Rather flighty. Tends to mood swings that goes from anger to happy. Not one to get really pissed off.

History Sarah woke up on the day the outbreak began to find a zed outside her bedroom door. Her mom, Sally, was able to beat it with a shotgun, then took her to the nearest NecroTech in Scarletwood. While she stayed there for two months, she learned basic fundimendals that most survivors weren't able to learn until other NecroTech agents spilled thier guts about the info.

At the end of the two months, a group of zeds, with the help of a few cultists, assaulted the phasility. Sally made Sarah run for it, but she didn't get far outside before she was captured. Luckily, she blacked out shortly. Unluckily, she woke up in a old body dump of the cult, dead and horibly mutilated. And thats where the true story began...


Sarah has some special powers while she's dead, making her semi-uniqe compared to other zeds-

  1. Fear Transformation- Changes slightly while she's afaid, making muscle more springy, and smaller, 'non-life-saving' organs become less dense, allowing her to escape rather then be killed- again.
  2. Horror Serum- A special serum she concocted from a horrorfying monstrosity she found wandering around the city. The serum causes her to grow three tentacle-like appendeges from her back and grow an evil bloodlust.
  3. Human Mind- Unlike other zeds, Sarah still keeps her mind and can speak english as a zombie.


Currently located in: The Cosway Hotel Roplays at: Life in Malton

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