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Sarpek was infected in the first outbreak, and is one of the fairly intelligent Zombies. Missing Humanity, he tries to make contact, but is thwarted by people who just take him as another Zombie.

Conspire.PNG UD Mod Conspiracy
This user is onto the Mod Conspiracy, and we've got our eye on you too!
BanStick.jpg Ban Stick
This user WILL report you to Vandal Banning.
Squad.jpg Firing Squad
This user thinks we should just shoot Zombie Killers and get it over with.
Skulls.jpg No More Wiki Drama
This user or group is fed up with never-ending wiki drama.
Noob.gif STFU N00B
This user recognizes the difference between a Newbie and a Noob.
Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
Gavel.jpg Vandals Beware
This user will not hesitate to smite you with his ban hammer of justice.
GeorgeBush.jpg The President
George Bush is a warmongering idiot.
Kareliya (Small).jpg We love Lachryma!!!
Sarpek loves the hot Russian lady!!!
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
Sarpek has killed An infinite number of zombies, with an infinite number of headshots, with the splattered gore forming the works of Shakespeare. Bet you thought it was impossible to do that with zombies.
Hammer.jpg Du Nu Nu Nu...
Sarpek can touch this.
Burnthewitch.jpg Burn Her! She's a Witch!
This user is on a witch hunt and will burn any witch they find.
Sake article.jpg Magatsus gift!
You are a awesome zombie-dude who should be given some sort of a award or something, here's a hangover at least!
Banana.gif Real Gamer is an Asshole
This user or group believes that Real Gamer is a n00b, a loser, an asshole, as well as a host of unspeakable things.

He deserves to die by being stuffed with bananas in his ass. Or worse...