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SASSIE is... shocked. Tired and grubby and not-a-little pissed off.


One minute, a shopping trip to Pallaye Plaza in the lovely city of Malton, and next minute, freaky walking corpses everywhere. Says she: "I'm gonna see about THIS!!".

1 June SASSIE flees the shopping centre in horror as waves of zombies rampage through the complex assaulting terrified citizens at random. As she scrambles across the roof of a burnt-out shed she hears a voice from a nearby barred window... "Hey! Miss! In here, miss, it's okay, you can hide here, climb up the fire-escape ladder and down through the skylight..."

7 July SASSIE returns to Otto's after making a trip to Caiger Mall (just in case the shops were open). She discovers Otto Fitkin's Auto Repair shop wrecked, no Otto in sight, and a horde of 24 filthy ravenous walking corpses a couple of blocks to the SouthEast, lurking in a factory.

Says she: "Damn! It's a cryin' shame the things you see when you don't got a gun! ...wait a minute... nowadays I DO have a gun! Eat hot angry grrl-lead, you rapacious revenants!"

8 August SASSIE hears of an attack on Calvert Mall, and rushes to help, only to arrive just as the mall falls to a horde of about 50 zombies. Killed as she attempted to flee, she lurches to a nearby street and sways unsteadily to and fro for a few minutes before being heroically revived by a passing soldier Quartos.

Says she: "Yay for un-undead-ness, it was hard enough to find clothes to match my skin tone before it went green!"

18 August SASSIE goes walkabout in the general direction of Otto's shop, tired of the constant P,R&GK-ing in the Bale Mall. Reviving a couple of unfortunates at Luch Rd, she travels onward southwest, noting increasing numbers of wandering, hungry corpses.

Says she: "Ecch, I'm gonna have to do something about all these ambling anaerobic aggressors! Lippie, check, eyeliner, check, shotgun, check ... alll-righty, it's party-time!"

20 August SASSIE arrives at Otto's in time for a sing-song around the fire, and many cold beers.

Says she: "Hey, this is the life!"

28 August While returning from a resupply trip to Caiger Mall, Sassie holes up for the night in an abandoned movie theatre and is brutally murdered in her sleep by a psychopath called Uncle Owen.

Says she: "Grrraaagh!!!"

29 August After wandering about disconsolately for hours, SASSIE was found and revived by a patrolling reservist Berglin.

Says she: "Phew, thanks mister! There's only so much decomposition a girl can cover with foundation and Chanel..."

  • Big THANKS to Angela for her patience with newbies :o)