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All PK'ers must burn in Hell.

Leader of the Malton Fighters Guild.

User Description

Every step he takes, make the pockets of his bullethole filled leather trenchcoat jingle with ammunition. His back is strapped with several shotguns. When his coat falls open you can see diverse pistolholders filled with all types of different guns.

The mutilated scars on his face tell a story of a past just before the quarantine of Malton. This story is long forgotten by him due to the amnesia he obtained after being blown away in a giant explosion in the midst of the chaos at the outbreak.

All he remembers it has something to do with article 116.

You can see him taking notes and crossing names on a list. The letters "All PK'ers must burn in Hell" are written on the back of this piece of paper....

Game History


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This player doesn't take himself too seriously. Neither should you!
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