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"It all started when the bastards issued the city-wide quarantine and trapped us all.

Zombies now litter the streets, pushing us back into our believed 'safe' houses. We use whatever we can find to construct the barricades that will inevitably be destroyed. We block out zombies and survivors alike, trusting no one. Some people will go so far as to kill the weak, and throw them out to the hoards. Now we are the bastards. Does that sound right to you? I'll not be contained, nor hold anyone out. I'll help the sick with the supplies I have, and I will give protection for those in danger. People ask what it is I do, and I tell them this: I kill bastards."

Name: Schrader

Profile: Click Here

Home Location: The Angell Building

Profession: Guardian of Survivors

Current Suburb: Scarletwood

Current Mission: Defending nearby Hospitals from the zombie threat.

Group: Malton's Angels

Angels Logo.JPG Orbes mei gloriam viderunt!
This user or group stands on the side of righteousness shoulder-to-shoulder with the Malton's Angels.
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