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All these confesions are done OOC, in case you didn't notice.

Confession #1: Possible Trenchie behavior

My main charecter was a trenchie at first. I got the free running skill at first, and never left buildings for a very long time. My first creations were failures, and I didn't want Chickengirloffire to be. Finially I tested my boundaries and *gasp* went outside and attacked my first zed, bringing me up. At first I was a strict survivor, never dieing once. Then I began wondering if zeds had more fun and opened a zombie alt account, it was fun! I found out about dual nature, and switched my main's character. Now I can enjoy the best of both worlds! Soon after, I got a survivor alt and stationed her in yagoton, the main account is in Paynterton and the last account is in north/south Blythville. The zombie's roaming nature is not very easily confined in one suburb.

Side note: there were three failed experiments, Chickengirl Chickenmama and another one that I forgot the name of. they are residing in separate suburbs on the bottom of the map. Some things are best left forgotten.