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Jubal "Scrollhaven" Donavich
Starting Occupation: Military Private, currently MIA
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Get out of Malton alive, or kill as many zombies before the End
Username: Scrollhaven
More details: Urban Dead profile

Basic Info

Arrived in the City: October 31st, 2005
Currently Wielding: Pistol or Shotgun.
Current Status: Alive and kicking. For now.
Current Sitings: Somewhere in Dunell Hills.


I'm a private in the Fourty-fifth infantry marines. I haven't seen much combat experience, and I don't think it woulda mattered anyway, the way my platoon got chewed through.

I was the only college grad in my unit. Before they flew me into Maltin, I worked at the Fort Lawnview Library in the archives department. I think that's where I got my nickname. Anyways, I've found a shotgun, and I'm starting to pick up this whole survivalism thing. If I see you, don't moan, or I might try to make a hole in your head.

Currently broadcasting out of Radio Free DHPD.

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