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This page concept was cheerfully borrowed from Lois Millard and 10mfh. I intend to edit it and create my own version for Fryerbank. This may take some time, as I am as Wiki-savvy as your average Koala Bear.


1) Caded buildings to be labelled 'lit' or 'unlit'. Only banks, cinemas and clubs to be labelled 'Dark' when not powered.
2) Ruined buildings are labelled with the AP required to repair them.
3) Figures inside brackets indicate the number of zombies (Z) and of wounded survivors (W) inside a building. The number of zombies outside a building is indicated without brackets.
4) RP = Revive Point. The number currently swaying is indicated (if we're doing our job properly, this number should always be out of date ...)
5) MPM = Phone Mast. To be powered up and EHB at all times.
6) GNF = Generator, no fuel.

Editing Notes

Click on the 'edit' tab, then find the line of code corresponding to the block you're interested in. You're going to add text, or alter the text that's already there, after 'textxx='. Edit the label as you would any text document (don't disturb the more mysterious bits of code). If a block is labeled (1W), for example, and you heal the survivor, just delete '(1W)', and you're done. Preview the page while you're editing, so that you can monitor the changes you're making. Save it when you're happy.

If you're adding more than one bit of information, and want to put them on separate lines within the block, use <br>: that's wiki code for a return.

Things that are as they should be are labeled in green. Anything that needs attention is marked in red. That makes the code look rather more complicated, but as with everything here, it's simpler than it looks. To color text green, for example, use the following code: <span style="color:green">text</span>.

For example, this is what the code for St Elizabeth's Hospital looks like unedited:

name78=St. Elisabeth's Hospital (Molebank) | alt78=St. Elisabeth's Hospital | cade78=VSB | type78=Hospital | text78=

This is what it would look like edited, if on October 31 you found that it was a ruin with 1 zombie inside:

name78=St. Elisabeth's Hospital (Molebank) | alt78=St. Elisabeth's Hospital | cade78=VSB | type78=Hospital | text78=<span style="color:red">Ruin<br>(1Z) 10.31

"<span style="color:red">Ruin<br>(1Z) 10.31</span>" was added directly after the equals sign.

This is the wiki barricade plan for Fryerbank, using simple code. I just have to figure out how to make it easiest to update for myself

90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
80 Joachim Mall
Joachim Mall
Unwin Park
Barrington Avenue
Tudge Way Fire Station
Ginn Alley
the Osbourne Building
the Doutch Museum
a factory
St. Birinus's Church
81 wasteland
Bousie Avenue
Hambling Street
Ironsides Alley
Gregg Grove
Sherriff Towers
Hanna Row
Burdett Street
Tidball Walk
82 wasteland
Atkins Cinema
Greenland Boulevard Police Department
Gelasius General Hospital
Derryman Crescent Railway Station
Powlett Road
a warehouse
Kingham Drive
83 the Blanning Building
Bastick Auto Repair
Bulmer Street
Gendrault Auto Repair
the Burtenshaw Arms
Poulter Plaza
Parr Towers
the Phipps Building
84 wasteland
Anderson Towers
St. Seraphim's Hospital
Drave Street
Cutmore Avenue
Ewer Street
Pratley Library
Wiles Bank
McCormack Grove
the Comitty Building
85 Pollock Street School
St. Columbanus's Church
a cemetery
Pownall Street School
the Underdown Building
Melville Street
Club McTier
the Noonan Building
Bacon Row
86 Hedbitch Row Railway Station
Parkman Alley
Club MacDonnell
a warehouse
a factory
Hebden Auto Repair
Canham Bank
the Lintell Building
the Warman Building
87 the Kind Building
Elston Square
the Havercroft Motel
the Hensler Building
the Strangemore Building
a carpark
Whalen Avenue Railway Station
the Longstaff Building
Pickford Park
88 Club Vacher
Godwyn Drive
Chadwick Square
Phabayn Way Railway Station
the Wolfendall Building
Dohoney Grove Police Department
the Haskins Building
the Owsley Museum
Clear Cinema
Knill Towers
89 the Thicke Monument
the Quartly Building
Forbes Grove
Towne Row Police Department
Hobson Place Police Department
Lanham Drive
a warehouse
the Press Motel
Applegate Alley
the Dirkinson Building
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

Extremely Heavily Barricaded Very Strongly Barricaded No Barricades
Auto Repair Shops Hospitals Other (non-TRP)
Factories and
Power Stations
NecroTech Buildings Unbarricadable
Forts and Malls Police Departments
MPM: Mobile Phone Masts RP: Revive Points