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[Skill Profile]
Name: Scudo

Age/Sex: 24, Male

Surviving Since: N/A

Character Class: Fire fighter

Location: Whippey NT Building, Shearbank

Status: Alive

Kills: 40

Revives: 89

Group Affiliations: Roftwood Assault Force


Rank: Corporal RAF Corporal.jpg


Class: Firefighter

Level: 22

Background: Scudo had always wanted to move to Malton, but on a rookie firefighter's salary the prospect of buying an apartment in the city was daunting. He had all but resigned himself to small town life, sleeping in the fire station and living in between blazes. But in the chaotic months after the first outbreak, before the military quarantine, the Malton fire department lacked the manpower to control the situation and pleaded with the outlying towns to send support. Scudo's ladder was immediately sent to reinforce the Malton Fire Department, only to find themselves trapped in the city by the military quarantine that was put into place not long after they arrived in Malton. As far as Scudo knows, he is the only survivor of his team; the rest either killed or missing in the horrific weeks following the quarantine.

It's not exactly how he pictured moving into the city, but for now Scudo calls Malton home.



AIM: CasualCommie

Medals and badges

RAF purpleheart.jpg RAF Marksman.jpg RAF Headshot.jpg RAF Melee.jpg RAF Medical.jpg

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