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Introduction: Mmmm. Wiki.

I can write a more detailed description of myself? In a gigantic MMORPG based Wiki site? All-right (Giggity giggity). I swear the space for description on the actual website didn't even allow 256 characters (more like 230). But now there is hope! Hope, I say!

That guy I am in the place with the things.

Better titled my Character Description section, but that's not nearly as interesting. More to the point, sure, but...

Note: My characters only have zombie skills because 1) When I die, I want to move quickly and efficiently through the city to a revive point and 2) I'm sure I read somewhere that the ability to save AP through Ankle Grab extends into coming back from the dead, meaning I can die (which I expect to happen again, unfortunately) without fear of wasting AP.

Basically, I did it for the sake of convenience. I don't like being a zombie or sympathize with zombies in any way.

· = Updated periodically and at random. But I think that's an oxymoron, so maybe just at random.

Sedway Leighman

My first character, Sedway is loosely based off of me, or how I think I'd be if I were an adult working as a scientist during an apocalypse. This means if I make another character that I'd rather base loosely off me, I might have to scrap this one. But I doubt it, because he's so damn cool. Observe:

Back Story: Sedway Leighman

I'm still writing it, maybe even illustrating it. It'll come when it comes.

Sedway's In-Game Description (both living and dead)

Sedway Leighman's Urban Dead Profile.

Class: Scientist/NecroTech Lab Assistant

·Health Status: Dead w/ 2 Hit points

·Level: 9

·Experience: 107

Joined: 2006-10-25 20:20:39

·Died: 11 times (I expect to die repeatedly, especially whenever I stop playing for three or more days. And that happens a lot. Edit: I can go without playing for months. So... yeah.)

First Died: I don't remember too well, but I'm pretty sure I was stumbling around going "Whu? Whu?" and being an inexperienced idiot when it happened.


  • Gender is Male, Skin is Tan, Eyes are Dark Brown. Hair is Dark Brown, long (mid-back), ponytailed. Build: Thin. Height: 6'2". Weight: 154 lbs. Clothes: White lab-coat, dark blue cargo pants, black snow boots. Access: Digital wristwatch (EST).

Dead (Revivification APPRECIATED):

  • Skin is Grey. Eyes rolled back. Hair is Dark Brown, long (mid-back), loose, bloodstained. Build: Thin. Height: 6'2". Weight: 154 lbs. Clothes: Bloody white lab-coat, dark blue cargo pants, muddy black snow boots.


  • Currently Independant (or None, whatever suits your fancy)


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (+15% to melee attacks.)
  • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
  • NecroTech Employment (Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street.)
    • Lab Experience (Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment.)
  • First Aid (Player is able to heal an extra 5HP when using a first-aid kit.)
  • Diagnosis (The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name.)
  • Construction (Player is able to barricade buildings.)

  • Lurching Gait (Zombie can walk as fast as the living.)
    • Ankle Grab (Zombie only spends 1AP standing up.)

Other Things About: Sedway Leighman

I'm still writing it. It'll come when it comes.

Miles Kaine

Miles isn't based off of me in the way that Sedway is, who looks like me but is older and has a job. Miles is like me because he's my age, doesn't have a job (and probably wasn't heading towards a very good one in the first place, despite aspirations similar to Sedway) and his overall skills mostly encompass playing video games and thinking deeply about things, while never really doing much of anything. He doesn't look like me, but whatever. If both my characters looked like me, there'd be some freaky paradoxal crap going on.

Back Story: Miles Kaine

I'm still writing it, maybe even illustrating it. It'll come when it comes.

Miles' In-Game Description (both living and dead)

Miles Kaine's Urban Dead Profile.

Class: Civilian/Consumer

·Health Status: Living w/ 50 Hit points

·Level: 1

·Experience: 1

Joined: 2007-03-19 23:36:18

·Died: 1 time

First Died: In the Whitlock building, but Miles isn't too sure when. One moment he's exhausted, frightened and feeling alone despite the small group of survivors around him, next he's falling asleep in a dark corner with his back against the wall. He doesn't wake up. Not exactly. When he comes to, he's lying in the street not with survivors but crumpled, lifeless corpses to keep him company. Looking through his feet he sees spray painted on the building wall Defeated?! You killed me in my sleep!. His thoughts exactly.


  • Gender is Male, Skin is Pale, Eyes are Grey. Hair is Black, reaches ears (short bangs). Build: Thin. Height: 5'6". Weight: 135 lbs. Clothes: Sleeveless blue T-shirt, faded jeans, red/black/white sneakers. Access: Fake dogtags reading "Miles Kaine".

Dead (Revivification APPRECIATED):

  • Skin is Grey. Eyes rolled back. Hair is Black, reaches ears, scraggly/dirty. Build: Thin. Height: 5'6". Weight: 135 lbs. Clothes: Bloody sleeveless blue T-shirt, torn/faded jeans, worn sneakers. Access: Fake dogtags reading "Miles Kaine".


  • None


  • Shopping (Player may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall.)

(No Zombie Skills)

Other Things About: Miles Kaine

I'm still writing it. It'll come when it comes.

And now, Dalgliesh Cinema Presents:

Stories of Survival, Zombification and Cleaving Off Faces. Also a Blog section of sorts.

Almost... there... *GASP*... almo- *thud*

More oft' than not I find myself frustrated with the small number of Action Points, but I understand perfectly the need to prevent players from gaining an advantage over those who are absent from the game. I will need to think long and hard about possible suggestions I can make on the Suggestion page. Seeing as I've never made one before, I don't know if I can make one about AP without annoying numerous players who feel that too many people try to change the AP system.

My rather strange heading (with the gasping and the thudding and the passing of the out) is based on my first session of Urban Dead. After realizing that the building I started out in, a NecroTech lab in Owsleybank, is for people with revivification syringes waiting for a zombie with Brain Rot to stumble inside and fall prey to the magic of science, I wandered out into the unknown. Two misadventures with a DNA extractor and my puny little fists later, I was beginning to get aggravated. There seemed to be a severe lack of buildings that had a barricade without it being so extreme as to force me to just pass by, giving no more than a longing glance. I headed north and came upon a large red building with one or two totaled firetrucks outside, and could only assume I had discovered the majesty of a Fire Station. I went in, made one search and lo and behold I now weild the almighty axe. I was foolish, wanted to teach those damned zombies a lesson (remember my puny little fists) and had enough AP left to go back and then find another place to stay before I hit zero. My wild swings did around 3 or 6 damage total before I was gasping for air outside more heavily barricaded buildings and losing AP fast. As I approached the Dunning Motel the soft whump of my weary body echoed across the ruined streets. Half an hour later, I awoke. I slammed the doors of the Dunning Motel shut fast enough to save myself from a gruesome death from the zombie I found mauling my unconcious body just outside. I was beaten up pretty bad, and without AP to sustain function I collapsed on the dirty motel floor. Surely I had more energy than that, but my AP meter told me differently. "Go do something for 25 hours" it said. "Nerts, and I was having fun," I complained uselessly, "the way a rickety and painful rollercoaster is fun! Weeeeee. Oh well."

Kill me and I will eat your face.

Don't test me, if you and I are both still considered fully alive and you cause me to be other than such, I will not only want to cause you physical harm but (being undead) will have the means to do so in a gruesome and excrutiating manner and will EAT YOUR FACE.

I don't like Player Killers, or PKers. I used to care little about PKing related matters, or only enough to be sympathetic towards those who have already suffered at the hands of such VILE MISCREANTS. After being attacked by a player who not only put much effort into my death but took the time to let me know how much fun it is killing a player with such a detailed character description, I feel differently. Yes, I am the kind of person who has trouble taking a joke, but the person who killed me was in a boring area (I know the area was boring because I was there, being bored) was a very high level and talked in the most ridiculous way. He was killing me to be aggravating.

Edit: I forgot to put a timestamp on this. Not like it matters, since the actual event described happened months beforehand, and I wrote this several weeks before I noticed there wasn't a timestamp. In fact, I will no longer use timestamps on my user page except for suggestions, so nobody can steal them.

I'm Baaaaack...

But it's not like anyone really noticed my absence. I was so uninvolved in this game that making this page was virtually a wasted effort. But I intend to change that. Just like I intended on being involved in the first place... you know what, I'm just not making any promises. But I'll have you know that I already have several things in store, including some suggestions I hope will be received well. Though I doubt my first suggestions ever are going to be "major hits". I'm also going to spice up this here user page, make it interesting, maybe even interesting enough that someone will actually read this one day. Yeah, right.

"Until we resolve this nightmare, I will continue to be drunk."

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