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Seloth Antri

Seloth Antri originaly worked as a DEM News Reporter ((on Brainstock)).The thread being the only news source at the time ((for the game)) was well recieved due to its regular updates and accurate reports.Following his removal from the DEM and the fewer and fewer updates the thread recieved he wandered the city.After some time he began to run a radio station and following this began The Malton Examinerone of the first wiki based papers.After a period of rest and a break from the paper he is now again traveling Malton collecting stories and reporting the latest news.

Mr Shadows

He began as a lowely pker,Hunting those in Rhodenbank.Soon how ever he met others of his kind and he took home in Shackelville.

The Malton Mob was formed.Being the first Contracting Killing serivce in Malton it became well known,As well as there home of Club CummingsWhich was run by the Mob.Club Cummings became once the most popular destination for pkers to ravel gain notority for being a pker club.

Sgt Forde

Originaly a Malton Marshal he quickly transfered to the MCDU and soon joined it's now defunct MCDU M.A.C.H. special Forces.Sgt Forde acted as scout to the squad,Leaving operations near completion too asses the next danger zone the squad would enter.As of time restraints Sgt Forde was transfered to Unit 3 and given the postion of Executive officer.As of the "Officer Assination Scandel"Sgt Forde was dis-hounorably discharged.He Wandered the city for many weeks,becoming involved in many historical moments in the citys history.

Appon his travels,while sleeping in Giddings Mall he heard a radio transmission from Caiger Mall speaking of an incoming Horde.He arrived just short of the mall within 2 days.This is a diary extraction of the events that took place

"I awoke to find my safe house breached,Being the only survivour left from a group of 40 I quickly make my escape from the 15 zombies which had gathered themselves inside.After Exiting the warehouse and healing myself I shudder when I see the area is in ruin with atleast 8 undead outside every building.I move east and discover that I am too late to offer ym aid to Caiger,It had fallen with a horde over over 400 outside and many more within.I travel south into the barren wastland,I't seems that I am back tracking the route of the Horde known as the "Big Bash".I discover one building which is barricaded and I quickly move towards the refuge.Inside a lonely Former police officer lies"Welcome" he says "Please eat,you are safe here,You are most welcomed to stay here as long as you wish".

I Discover that he too like myself heard the cry of Caiger but unlike myself was there for its downfall,He being one of the last dozen survivours fled south and discovered he could go no further with out dieing.After my rest I scouted in every direction over a period of two days and discovered we were the Easter Island of the area.Breakin became more frequent,But we could manage as only a handful of Zombies new over our existence.After our 6th day a breakin happened and I find an undead trying to bite me and the officer missing.I fight off the zombie but it hurts me badly in the process,how ever appon killing it,soon enough it rose again so I had to flee.When running for my life I spot the body of my new friend being dragged appart by those outside.I travel as far as I can before dieing sleeping in an unbarricaded hospital,Too my luck after rest I discover a FAK.After a further 2 days of travel I discover the first signs of what can be called civilisation in this city''

Not long after the above extract he soon found himself in a mansion where he disscused Philosophe and shared storys with the patrons of a mansion.During this time he boosts in killed 9 zombies singlehandedly.After staying here for a month he greets the patrons fair well and goes on tour of Maltons atractions.How ever after a period of travel he decided to take rest in Veazey_Towers in Starlingtow.He maintained the local mobile phone mast while living there and quite a few followers in the process.After many months of living here be began to communicate with the residents of Fort Perryn.Discussing of tactics and such of the Fort with them he decided the pay a visit to the said Fort.The now dozen residents of Veazy Tower whom saw Sgt Forde as their leader bid him farewell as he set off for his travel to the Fort.Appon his arrival he was disgusted with how there was little or no organization for the the Fort.He spoke to those in the Fort and came into talks of how they should begin to organize a true defence.

Sgt Forde traveled back to Veazy and told the residents of his ideas and plans to set up a permanant defence force for Fort Perryn.3/4 of them agreed to go,while the others decided to leave Veazy and to travel Malton.Now under the name of the Fort Perryn Defence Force the group quickly grew.Soon after the Fort began to stand as one.A siege was not soon off.During The 9th siege of Fort Perryn the Fort became not only flooded by Zombie attacks but with human idiocy as well.

"The Fort was full of trenchies,pkers and zergers,each type of Maltons worse ,each wanting to cause hassle and bring down the fort for their own reasons.The undead did not create the chaos,the survivours did.".

Sgt Forde came into talks with the Cannonball Crew and a merger proposal was soon organized.As the defence of the Fort could not be done by the lone small group ,the FPDFbecame one of the Cannonball crew squads.After a period of running the group Sgt Forde retired and SFC MadDog Monro took his place.Sgt Forde now rests outside the gates of Fort Perryn.

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